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【Abstract】 many current images are related to interface learning.

I. Daily swimming cannot be performed

A long time ago, a job in the United States that created an active UI component posted two interesting announcements. On the first side of the ocean, the sun was shining and the sun was shining, so you could swim freely on the water. We can only see that the waves are flat, and the water waves are not flat. The real time scene is a common scene for us to see the sky. However, in the second screenshot, I saw a day of the four-member "shuihua". I tried my best to float it. In the past, some UI activity samples produced by the worker were added to the water of the second worker. The employee wants to take advantage of the panic expression of the floating sky and the soft motion of the firm, to show off how effective the performance of the interface's active memory is to compete with others ).

The proportion of tianyao is higher than that of water. It should not be floating on the water surface, but the feathers of tianyao are covered with oil which cannot be written by water. At the same time, the rich feathers of the day's body maintain a large amount of air, and the surface of the water is powerful. These reasons allow the sky to freely swim upstream of the water. However, if some Interface Activity samples are added to the water, the surface stress can be greatly reduced, and the effect of the water may be reduced. As a result, because the favorable factors that make the day wait slowly on the water are removed from the interface activity, the day when the swimming is not allowed, and the day when the day is swimming is not allowed, the day when the day is swimming. These two images are the best examples that indicate that the active parts of the interface have a surface stress of less water and increase the response.

Ii. Soap Bubble reply

As people's livelihood advances, many beautiful and exquisite toys flood the market. The average person also has some toys that make it easy for a child. But four or fifty years ago, a child was able to blow soap bubbles, even a magical, pleasant, and universal success. Children all know that simple self-built water bubbles cannot be blown into such a big one. These crystal and beautiful bubbles come out. But if you add soap to the water, you can look at it. However, most people only know about it, but do not know why. Adding and adding sugar to the water cannot be used for this purpose. Soap is the only thing that their hands are most likely to get and most likely to look. If air is passed through the water, the bubble can be seen, but the bubble disappears as soon as it leaves the water. However, if the air passes through the soap water, it can be seen that many fixed bubbles and bubbles (such as bubbles) are maintained on the water surface ). In the study by the root scientist, the surface of all liquid bodies has a kind of stress, which is called surface stress. Different Liquid bodies have different surface stress. If food is added to the water, the surface strength is increased. When alcohol is added, the surface strength is reduced. When a bit of soap is added, the surface strength is decreased significantly. This kind of appearance that can reduce surface strength is regarded as interface activity (or surface activity ), in contrast, when the surface of the primary node is small, the major secondary node is the interface active partition (secondary node ). Soap is the earliest interface active indicator.

The size of the force on the surface is closely related to the elasticity of the foam. Because the surface stress is the physical force between the physical and the physical force of the liquid body molecules on the surface, it is not easy for the physical body to penetrate, it is not easy to form a thin film, and the liquid body with a small surface pressure is easy to form a thin film, and can maintain a fixed foam. Naturally, the soap foam that every child experiences in childhood is because the soap forces the surface of the water less powerful, however, you can easily blow a small bubble into a large bubble.

3. plaStic cutting set on the tea mouth

Recently, it is often seen that the mouth of the tea shop is filled with a plastic set to avoid some tea flowing down the mouth when the tea is poured ). The principle is illustrated by the analysis of the interface-based knowledge. It turns out that there is a glass glaze on the surface of the tea. However, water quality is easier than plastic glass quality. This image can be used as an example to help you understand: If you drop a drop of water on the glass surface, it can become a crystal ball, but when you pull a drop of water, growth scales into a large area of water. This is because the surface friction of the water mirror is very large, it is not easy to fill the glass surface, and the surface friction of the water is relatively small, it can be broken the glass. Further further, if the water drops on the surface of the PE Plastic Bag (PE is a polyethyene plastic bag, generally plastic bag is made of PE ), unlike the water that can be formed on the glass surface, the water on the pe-plastic surface can still form an arch-shaped water bulb. As a result of the study, it was found that water could flat the glass surface, but it was not easy to flat PE Plastic coating (Fig. 4 ).

The size of atomicity can be expressed by the angle between the cut of water drops and the solid surface. This parameter is connected to the angular. The size of the corner is inversely proportional to the aspect ratio. The connecting angle between water and various types of solids is shizhu 108 °, pe88 °, PVC 65 °, gold 6 ~ 7 °, 7 ~ 10 °, glass 0 ~ 5 °. In the above discussion, we can refer to the following.

Increasing the adequacy can also increase the permeability of the primary node. In the field of Non-digital science, attention and permeability are critical. Many Chinese products are expected to have a strong color, but their industrial applications are not as good as their foreign counterparts. The reason is that, simply put, because these five colors of raw materials are used for plastic, oak, paint, and other dyeing, their products are good. Because taobai is an organic compound, it does not have the affinity and strength for plastic, rubber, paint, and other non-organic compounds. With the help of interface-based knowledge, the raw material of the original product uses the Interface Activity to process the surface of the raw material, so that it increases the skin oil and improves its quality. The conclusion of the difficulties encountered by many other Chemical Industry Engineers is often only caused by the low attention and integrity of the two different interfaces, for example, the leather industry's suede process, the cooking process of the manufacturing industry, the Refined Process of the manufacturing industry, and the difficulties encountered by the dyeing process. In fact, as long as you add some Interface Activity labels to reduce the surface strength of the liquid body and reduce the contact angle, this solution can be easily solved by improving scalability and penetration. The Research and Application of interface science has become a new technology that has already been widely used in foreign universities. This is really worth introducing to the Chinese people and is cited as a loan.

Iv. water and milk Blending

Milk contains a lot of fat (cream ). Water and oil are not mutually soluble. This is a well-known situation. In fact, water and oil are different because they are not mutually soluble. Oil and animal and vegetable oils are completely different structures, but because they are not mutually soluble with water, there is an oil connection. The reason for the incompatibility is very simple, because the oil is a non-corrosive compound and water is a volatile compound. Even if the mixture of water and oil is intense, the mixture may be mixed at one time, but after a long time, it will still be divided into two parts due to different proportions. However, if you add the mixture to soap (an active interface) and then mix it with others, it will always be a normal milk gel. This is because the soap is dissolved in water and the surface strength is reduced, so that the oil can hold the form of micro-small oil drops, are scattered between the water solution. This is the role of emulsion. The Interface Activity specific to the specific characteristics of emulsification is emulsification. What we see in our daily life is that the application of emulsification is really nothing, such as the creation of many cosmetics, food, food, marketing, and marketing products.

Human skins do not need to produce an emulsion sebum to protect the skin. Artificial emulsion is a kind of artificial emulsion made by imitating this principle, is to choose the oil with the role of skin protection and then use the interface of the interface to activate the emulsion instantly. Salad dressing on the dining table is an indispensable food for western food. It contains 80% to edible oil. However, salad dressing does not seem to have the Edible Oil flavor, because salad dressing is an emulsion. In addition to 60 ~ 80% of edible oil also contains 10 ~ 20% of vinegar and 6 ~ 10% of eggs. In addition to being rich, egresses also have the effect of natural emulsification. Milk sugar is made of sugar, but unlike candy made of sugar, the former is not stained with teeth, which is also a blessing for the emulsification.

V. Roles of qingting

The author vaguely remembers the first time he was blinded three or four years ago, the decontamination function of the old school's solution soap is to change the oil stain to water-soluble and be moved away by water by the softening of the soap. We are currently looking at the decontamination principles of various cleanup methods. In fact, the cleanup function is a kind of cooperative use of zookeeper, transparent, solubilization, and decentralized milk. The dirt we encounter can be water-soluble substances, pier or oil. If only water is used, the water-soluble or some water-soluble matter can be dissolved in water, but the adsorption of the Water-Soluble Matter is still me. The first effect of decontamination is anti-DDoS and anti-DDoS ). Some oil stains in Egypt cannot be washed out because of their high adsorption to the surface of the object (clothes, etc, the reason why water is insufficient in their ability to penetrate and penetrate the surface of the thing. If you add a dot of Interface Activity in the water to increase the effect of anti-fouling and anti-penetrating force, the effect of anti-fouling can be achieved.

Different from the common compounds, the interface active molecules can be aggregated at one end of the interface active molecules to form micelle. For example, in water, the active oil-based interface is easy to gather, and its relative water-based interface is in the oil. It is easy to face each other. The reason for this phenomenon is that the internal part of the micro cells in the water is the oily end, solubilization ). The oil stains melted into the microcell are not easy to touch the surface of the object, and the result is the effect of decontamination and cleaning. Generally, household cleanup workers are mainly engaged in interface activity, but a small amount of Silicic Acid and phosphoric acid are often added. These additives do not have interface activity, however, refer can increase the clearance of the Interface Activity.

(Introduced by the author: Professor of the National University of China)

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