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Application development has become a hot topic today. For developers, an innovative interface is an important aspect to make their applications stand out from the others. Clear, Path and other applications with its unique interface, praised. So, how to develop a unique and useful interface?

Designer Juan Sanchez has a good idea.

Today's design work is inseparable from computer support, but Juan Sanchez that designers should sometimes leave the electronic world and seek inspiration from the physical world of reality. To illustrate the problem, he made some interface origami.

The left side of the interface, through the folding of the paper to imitate the clear interface of the stretch add entries, the right side of the interface is modeled in the Path of sliding show layering. In the process of folding the paper, Juan Sanchez found that folding can be used on the sliding layer, the next layer of information to be folded down to show the content of a layer, is a very creative way of interaction.

This "accordion" type of interface element can also be used to display menus. Also, if you are working on an item, can you pull up the top and show the following options?

Through the example above, Juan Sanchez about his experience, leaving the computer and playing with the paper often brings fresh angles. At the same time, the advantage of having a physical prototype in hand is that you can really interact and measure it. So, after all, electronic interactions are different from physical interactions, is it necessary for us to have a limited physical world as a template? Co.Design's John Pavlus thought Juan Sanchez's approach was meaningful because the touchscreen interface was in a gray area of numbers and physics.

Each gesture UI is a puzzle: they give us the appearance of the object, but do not give us the physical availability (including texture, sense of touch, and contact) we expect from the object. So users have to guess with their fingers. However, the design of the gesture UI (like Sanchez) from a physical prototype encourages designers to build more "hints" that reduce the user's guessing process. Understanding a gesture will visually ' reveal ' other possible gestures to get a menu-free gesture UI scheme.

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