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A month ago, the netbeans ide 6.5 was released in the netbeans community. Enthusiastic developers around the world have been able to review the new PHP scripts, database and network development features of this IDE. The following are some pertinent comments from eight technical experts on netbeans ide 6.5, which must be negative ......

Dominic MITCHELL: for Ruby code, I chose netbeans directly.

I was an eclipse user, but I started from Java
Posse and fans constantly hear about netbeans, So I even began to browse the netbeans podcast to follow it ...... The new release has maintained many features of 6.1: fast and stable.
Comprehensive IDE. It is very easy to use and has detailed documentation, so I found that the netbeans project description is more available and organized than eclipse.

One of my favorite features is the built-in Maven support. I downloaded Java
Se installation: Select "Maven" in the plug-in window. The installation starts in a few minutes. In addition, I think netbeans is better than dynamic language support. If you are developing Ruby code, I will directly
Select netbeans. Of course, JavaScript supports a lot.

John K. Waters: netbeans is getting better and better

The list of early access to Python tools includes an editor, debugger, and Python
Runtimes selection; netbeans receives more and more support from non-Java developers, Gartner analyst mark
Drive calls netbeans the two largest ruby on the market
IDE. Netbeans's extensive support for programming languages makes it much more than a workbench, and netbeans is following the open-source eclipse
The framework route becomes more competitive.

A few years ago, with the advent of Eclipse, many observers believed that netbeans would gradually exit the times like other Java ides, but it is clear that the netbeans development team has made it better and better.

Laurin1: more mature and easy to use

I helped my team migrate the project to using netbeans as the IDE for most of our development. I admit many things
Studio is better, but netbeans is more mature and easy to use, even in its early support for PHP (I initially used RC2 and found it extremely useful ). For all types
Javascript objects fully support JavaScript auto complete, which cannot be implemented by Studio, even in auto
Phpdoc can be used in complete.

Jani Hartikainen: netbeans is doing better in some places than Zend Studio

Netbeans is about 95% Zend studio, and developers generally agree that netbeans is doing better in some places than Zend studio.

Debugger can immediately install XAMPP on my machine and extract Apache from the installation. Apache can also be seamless when I use debugger.
. The debugger of getting Zend studio is difficult to install and run. I even need to ask Google for help. In short, netbeans
6.5 is my favorite PHP and web development IDE.

Kevin van zonneveld: The netbeans plug-in is too easy to use.

Netbeans must know the daily work of PHP developers, because everything you need: SVN, CVS,
SQL and even jquery support. These are all covered in a file: netbeans clearly distinguishes what Javascript is, what PHP is, indexing and emphasizing each part
You can even connect to a MySQL database.

If any new feature is lost, the netbeans plug-in still works and the code is completed quickly and accurately. Existing eclipse projects can also be imported without a separate working directory. You only need to switch back and forth between netbeans and eclipse.

Richard ive: This is amazing.

Netbeans can interact with xdebug !! I have played xdebug for a while, but I cannot solve it: you have to make many settings, and many smiling changes can affect the final result: it does not seem practical, so I can only use my own debugging method. However, netbeans has changed everything.

This is amazing. I have been using PHP for development for the past five years, and have never found any great like netbeans.
IDE. The interface is clean and tidy. When you need to view the method list, there is no lag. For PHP developers, netbeans is a great tool, so I will ask all of our friends
Netbeans is recommended.

Eric Bruno: a fully functional Web Application Development Environment

Support for PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editors, netbeans
6.5 has become a fully functional web application development environment. In addition, Sun has upgraded its support for C/C ++ developers, allowing them to perform local development on any supported platforms, and then
Distributed building on a computer or server, or even remote debug in, is the so-called remote product environment (production-like environment ).

Netbeans 6.5 also contains an enhanced database connection interface and built-in support for database operations. In general, it is not an alternative to a full set of database tools, but does a lot of work to allow developers to do more in the IDE.

Sun intends to use it as a cloud computing development environment, not only as a developer tool and service, but also as application configuration and maintenance.

Kevin Yank: netbeans is more competitive than its competitors

For Web developers, netbeans 6.5 now supports Ruby and PHP, and this support is more competitive than those of strong competitors including eclipse, Komodo IDE and Zend studio.

Netbeans is no longer a Java learning toy. Since these days, it has become increasingly powerful and multi-language development environments can be obtained free of charge. If you work on a large-scale PHP project and use netbeans IDE, you will be surprised to find that you have saved a lot of code


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