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August 21 morning, by the Chinese Internet Association launched the first "blog service Self-discipline Convention" officially released in Beijing, the Daily Network, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Thousand Dragon Net, more than 10 blog service providers signed the Convention. After the publication of the Convention, the author of the first time wired well-known bloggers, senior internet commentators, bloggers and web2.0 research experts, "downwind of the new blog," the author downwind, the "blog Service Self-discipline Convention" was interviewed. Downwind said, "the blog Service Self-discipline Convention" there are huge internal injuries and mishap, should urgently appeal to the Chinese Internet Association to stop the implementation of the Convention.

"Downwind view."

First, the "blog Service Self-discipline Convention" there are huge internal injuries and mishap, the lack of purity, impartiality.

"Self-discipline of the blog service" to the blog service Providers and blog users have put forward the law and discipline, integrity self-discipline, civilized use of the network requirements. It is reported that the main development of the Convention, namely the China Internet Association industry Self-regulation Committee of the Joint Policy Resources Work Committee blog Research Group itself is not pure, unclean. One of the key news sites from the representative, also known as the deputy editor of the blog Channel, the first half of this year has been the people's Court to determine its infringement of another blog's reputation and privacy, ordered its blog on the website of the public apology 15th, and bear the costs of litigation, notarization fees. As the creator of the Self-Discipline Convention on blog Service, its members have violated the laws of the state, publicly violating the rights of others by blogging, should have been expelled from the Chinese Internet Association blog Research Group, expelled from the "blog Service Self-discipline Convention" team, but the Internet Association did not do so. It is regrettable that the "self-discipline of the blog service," the formulation of the Convention itself is lack of purity, impartiality, such a "blog service self-discipline Convention" how to reflect objectivity, impartiality, how to serve the public?

The "half-public" sex and sectarianism of the "Self-Discipline Convention of blog Service".

The website which signed the "Self-discipline of the blog service" includes: the net, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, TOM, MSN China, Thousand Long network, and pick, blog world, Tenkine, Chinese Yahoo, Huachen online, and the Lian-Bo association.

In this list, we do not see the three major Chinese Professional blog Service Web site blog, BLOGCN, Blogbus name, did not see the blog from the more than 10 million users of the network figure. According to the Internet Association Secretary-General, the number of Chinese blog users up to 30.94 million, but the so-called convention has abandoned more than 10 million users from the blog network, but also can be called "public" about it? At best, the "half male" is just. In this list, we can find that the vast majority of sites are later picked up the blog popular Fruit portal site, sectarianism is particularly serious.

third, "the blog Service Self-discipline Convention" is not "self-discipline" is "his law", is to use "self-discipline" to conceal administrative orders eyes and ears.

First of all, the "blog Service Self-discipline Convention" is only from the portal site of a group of editors or other people behind closed doors of the product. "The majority of netizens" do not know, or did not participate in the elaboration of the Convention. can easily investigate from the blog network, Sina and other ordinary blog, to understand the situation.

Secondly, the "self-discipline of the blog service" in the blog service Providers and blog users to ask, but ignored the unity of the responsibility.

For example, the Nineth article fifth, "blog users to ensure effective supervision and management of the post content", the one-sided responsibility of the illegal content to the blog author, completely ignoring the blog users can not control the actual situation of others thread. Imagine, which blog users can middle get up to delete illegal posts?

For example, the Nineth article sixth, "blog users to ensure that the blog does not use the spread of computer viruses and other malicious programs", but also ignore the actual situation, the blog users and the illegal elements equate. As far as I know, blog site virus, trojan programs are mostly hackers, criminals put up, or blog site inadvertently brought, blog users are often victims.

Four, the blog service self-discipline convention should be transparent operation.

"Self-discipline of the blog" from the proposed to the formulation, to the final version, the Internet Association has neither published the process, nor open the views of netizens, although the Internet Association Secretary-General claimed to have heard the "majority of netizens" views, but we did not see an open, transparent process and processes. "The majority of netizens" views in the end how many, what is the content of the opinion, the number of support, how many objections? All, is a "vast number of netizens" covered.

Internet associations should avoid becoming tools.

In recent years, Internet associations are increasingly interested in the use of administrative orders to intervene in the development of China's Internet, but also often become the site of the use of competition tools. The blog Service Self-discipline Convention, we once again see the Internet Association as a tool of the sad place.

"Qin Dust Viewpoint"

First, "The blog Service Self-discipline Convention". For example, articles sixth and nineth, these are not specifically required by the blog to pay attention to the requirements of the blog service providers such as "perfect blog service and management system ... Enough blog service managers and technicians ", make me feel ridiculous, blog network, Blogbus, BLOGCN, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, People's daily, Xinhua, etc. which one of the content of the ministry or blog channel does not have sufficient human, material, financial support? To the blog users of the law and discipline, in fact, whether the ordinary browsing the network, participate in interaction, not all have the same rules? In the final analysis, the author questioned the value of the Convention, questioning the level of the formulation.

Second, the "blog Service Self-discipline Convention" is lack of operability. The provisions of the Convention are empty and cliché, a serious lack of the spirit of seeking truth from facts, lack of practical operability. For example, ask the blog site to protect the user's information, imagine, which site can do this? Require the user to register "the user's real name, mailing address, contact telephone number, mailbox", this is the actual names?

Third, the "blog Service Self-discipline Convention" lack of rigor. "Blog Service Self-discipline Convention" 19 article 1400 words, can not be concise, can not achieve the accuracy of terminology, can not be professional. This self-regulatory convention we do not see what the characteristics of the blog, rather than the "Internet Civilization Convention."

Four, the blog service Self-discipline convention is not constructive. "Blog Service self-discipline Convention" blindly asked the blog site, blog users do this, to ensure that the guarantee that, but the blog site can get what? What can blogging users get? You ask the blog site to innovate, but the Internet association in the end to China's blog development has brought some good ideas, what innovation?

The self-Discipline of blog service lacks purity. As one of the parties to the first blog in China, I strongly oppose, protest and question the convention. Because the convention's creator of the blog Research group members, from the Millennium Network in Shenyang for several years on the network attack, abuse others, is the most do not speak "network civilization" people. Its evil deeds have been clearly determined by the Court as a violation of the rights of others, the fact that the violation of the law has been notarized. Such people, but in the Internet Association to participate in the formulation of such an important network of civilized organizations, just imagine, what is the seriousness? Where is the purity? What is the value? I am firmly opposed to the unclean "Convention" of the Chinese Internet Association.

With regard to the Convention on Self-discipline in the blog, I will continue to review and analyze it in the near future to refute the fallacy.

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