Internet Business Opportunities--the combination of traditional industries and networks

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Because now the network entry threshold is relatively low, a large number of low-quality gold miners poured in, they hold the day into the Chixiang, but after a period of time did not find that then moved up the crooked brain, began to use some despicable means to attract instantaneous flow. I have seen a literature website, his predecessor is a better pure literature of the site, and the station is a magazine staff, but do not know that I was behind, or he too understand the network, in the absence of the benefits he wanted, his station immediately appeared some deviation from our culture, some of the edge of things, It was a pity that he did not meet his profit requirement.

The last time I landed, startled me, the site placed a significant position on a very seductive picture, and then the title------prostitute that night moaning------, upside down, as a real literary worker or a little control of the people must go immediately. Of course I am not aiming at which website, this is also a common phenomenon in the literature website. So this can only be said that some of our site's quality is still relatively low, to tell the truth you may be able to gain some benefits, but you have to understand that you will be a generation of people, because the basic reading of your articles are not fully adult children. Such webmaster should not reflect on it? Do the station also has the social responsibility. All right, here we are.

Internet entrepreneurship is really tempting compared to other traditional industries, but it is not a random success, find a good point of entry than you have the best technology to succeed more likely. As a personal site, I personally think it is best to enter from your most familiar traditional industries, looking for your familiar industry and network integration points, such a greater likelihood of success. For example, you are a medical device, now if you want to start a business should be a priority to choose this entrance. Think, if you are asked to do an electronic or textile at this time, do you think you can do it? What are the main disadvantages of your disadvantage? As I understand it, first of all you solve the lack of industry knowledge, in fact, to do a good job in the industry network is the first need of industry knowledge. Second, because you are in this line of work, certainly contact a lot of people in this industry, relative to the unfamiliar industry, your resources are more confident. Furthermore, you will be more confident of your promotion, because you are familiar with the needs of the industry, it will be easier to promote. That someone must ask, that horse cloud is the teacher came from him how not to be a teacher this profession? Don't forget that he is an English teacher, he still play his industry characteristics, export this line. Besides, he was brought up by the environment, and he was touched by the Internet E-commerce. Therefore, he should not be in our research scope, we study the object of the main example is the interior of the Dark Horse network Sheng. Of course, this model is not suitable for the later, but also not suitable for, he is suitable for the kind from the traditional industry into the network friends.

The above is only a superficial understanding of the individual, look forward to exchanging discussions with you, and jointly promote the development of network entrepreneurs and growth. The above tight for reference, if interested can also and I Exchange qq:258474287 I study network phenomenon, website operation, as well as network project planning. To make up a sentence, I accept everyone's suggestion, and decline to curse.

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