Internet finance should adhere to the principles of moderate supervision, coordination and supervision, innovation and supervision, and space for market innovation and development.

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For the internet finance in the room and space, but also to keep the bottom line of non-systemic risk, in order to protect the consumer's capital security and information security and other legitimate rights and interests as the fundamental goal

Once the traditional financial industry plug in the wings of the Internet, it is easy to take a geometric leap. But the security of all kinds of internet financial platforms and products springing up and growing fast has also received more and more attention.

Undoubtedly, as a new thing, internet finance does exist many security risks. At the end of 2013, more than 20 peer companies, such as Oriental venture capital, Yi Shang loan and every family loan, went bankrupt in one months, so that the peer-to industry was questioned and more investors and consumers were worried about the security of Internet finance. There are two main concerns, one is the risk of fraud and the other is data security. Some Internet finance companies publish false information to create false money supply and demand; Some network financial platform companies have more serious network security loopholes, resulting in the disclosure of consumer privacy.

Obviously, if the Internet finance can not be effectively regulated, it is bound to cause "bad currency to expel good currency". However, compared with the traditional finance, the internet finance involves a wide range, strong liquidity, cross-border, cross-involved in a number of regulatory bodies and other characteristics, to the supervision of the formation of challenges.

"On the Internet financial platform, there are n suppliers and n demand people at the same time in the transaction, if there is a problem, can not find the supply and demand both sides, only to find the platform, and if the platform is not in the country, set up in foreign countries to do? Therefore, the regulation of Internet finance is inherently difficult. "Ping Xie said.

China's Financial Stability Report (2014), published recently by the People's Bank, also explores internet finance, and argues that internet finance can help to improve the financing environment of small micro enterprises, optimize the allocation of financial resources, improve the inclusion of financial systems and develop financial benefits. At the same time, the report lists five regulatory principles for the first time on internet finance, insisting on bottom line thinking and promoting healthy development on a sustainable track.

At the 2014 Global Mobile Internet Finance Conference held on May 5, the director of the central bank's payment and Settlement division reiterated that view. He said: "For internet finance, we must adhere to the principle of moderate supervision, coordination and supervision, innovation and supervision, not only for market innovation and development space, but also to avoid the occurrence of risk events." "Li Yue points out that while leaving room and space, we should also keep the bottom line of non-systemic risk, in order to protect the consumer's capital security and information security and other legitimate rights and interests as the fundamental goal."

"From existing business practices, we have also noticed that there are some differences in the concept of the banking institutions and payment agencies in product design and business innovation, the banking institutions have more security requirements, but the efficiency, especially the customer experience is not enough, the payment organization background is mostly it, so more take into account the efficiency requirements, But there are also deficiencies in safety and technical reliability. Differences in design concepts lead to differences in the speed of design innovation and product promotion between the two types of institutions. "The excitation is blunt."

"Internet Finance Report 2014" also proposed to establish and improve the Internet finance statistical investigation and risk monitoring analysis system, as soon as possible to include network credit funds in the total social financing statistics range. Consider the establishment of a transaction information base, the establishment of a unified security certification center, Internet enterprises to strictly isolate their own and client funds.

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