Internet speed limit, wireless router with speed-limiting function

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In order to get rid of the PPS influence speed and BT caused slow network speed problem, sharing the Internet should be limited to speed.

When it comes to speed limits, you may think of a peer-to-peer terminator. A peer-to-peer Terminator is a software that restricts the speed of a LAN computer, and is used by many people.

Speed limit, through the unlimited router settings can also be easily done, here to introduce a speed-limiting function of the wireless router.

Wireless router with speed-limiting function

TD-W89541G enhanced type, support ADSL (telephone line), LAN (community broadband) Two kinds of access mode, users can according to their own actual situation, choose the right access mode. ADSL access to the part of the ADSL, ADSL2, adsl2+ standards, the highest downlink rate of up to 24Mbps, the highest uplink rate of 1Mbps.

TD-W89541G enhanced, wireless part of the industry-leading Atheros program, in line with the IEEE 802.11g/b standards, but also support WEP, WPA/WPA-PSK, WPA2/WPA2-PSK and other encryption and security mechanisms to effectively prevent intrusion, Provides greater security protection for wireless communications.

TD-W89541G-Enhanced, set 54M wireless, adsl2+, fully functional routing, 5-port switches, firewalls in one, providing a variety of special dialing mode, in the country to enjoy unrestricted sharing of Internet access, unique broadband access mode choice, support ADSL (telephone line), LAN (community broadband) Two kinds of broadband, access mode to support IP bandwidth control, free distribution of each computer Internet bandwidth, with WDS wireless bridging function, wireless interconnection PSTN can be realized 4000V Lightning protection design, to adapt to 100v-240v operating voltage range, to ensure the stability of equipment transport.

With this router, you don't have to worry about the speed of being robbed.

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