Internet of Things graduation design free download?? 1000 sets of finished products free download

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Internet of Things graduation design free download?? 1000 sets of finished products free download

1000 sets of Internet of things graduation design materials, senior students will soon write graduation design, I put the previous collection of graduation design information to share to everyone for your study reference. Needy students can go to the break platform to download more information, or add Group: 813238832, more resources to share, technical exchanges, solve problems, can find a solution here.

Let's share some information with them.

FPGA Design Learning Experience

(a) Not familiar with the internal structure of the FPGA, do not understand the basic principles of programmable logic devices.
Why can FPGAs be programmed? I'm afraid a lot of rookie don't know, they don't want to know. Because they think it's irrelevant. They subconsciously think that programmable, it must be like writing software. The idea of software programming is ingrained, and seeing Verilog or VHDL is like seeing a C language or other software programming language. One of the reading, the analysis of the strips. If these novices always refuse to understand why the FPGA is programmable, not to understand the internal structure of the FPGA, it would be impossible to learn the FPGA. Although EDA software is now very advanced, like writing software as Tiger can be integrated out of something, but perhaps only God knows what the EDA software finally integrated out of what. Maybe a light, running a horse is OK. This is why a lot of rookie learned N long after the reason is still a rookie. So why can FPGAs be "programmed"? First come to know what is called "Cheng".

Data is too large, only share some of the documents, the complete can be downloaded into the network

(ii) Wrong understanding of HDL language, how can not see the hardware structure.

The full name of the HDL language is: Hardware Deion Language, notice the word Deion, not Design. Why should foreigners use the word Deion instead of Design? Because HDL is really not used to design hardware, it's only used to describe hardware.

(c) FPGA itself is nothing, everything is outside the FPGA this is probably the most difficult to understand the novice FPGA of the place.

The essence of FPGA design-time series design

(i) Overall design and logical detailed design scheme
(ii) How to improve the operating frequency of the circuit
(c) The difficulty of making logic lies in system structure design and simulation verification

Design ideas

Design thinking refers to the system or function circuit design method and skills, I do not know whether the definition is accurate, but he is very very important, is a strategic sense of importance, a good idea, often the function of the implementation of simple, reliable, good transplant, on the contrary, feel the circuit complex, the idea of unclear, Look back and look at your ideas.
Design ideas to improve the need to accumulate, look at other people's design, especially the design of functional circuits, compare their own design, summed up the experience and lessons, see more, means also more, and more from the system (the higher level) angle look at your design, you will find more things, soon, You will find that you are not only an FPGA engineer, but also a system engineer.

Internet of Things graduation design free download?? 1000 sets of finished products free download

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