Internet of Things "discovery" free cloud service Platform, AP transmission, Web transmission, Esp8266,hex format data

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"The hottest discovery" free cloud service Platform, AP pass through, Web Pass, esp8266,hex format data, Android One-click Configuration
Today, leisure, release a free cloud server for everyone to test, first, see how to use it.
1. Download the Esp8266 firmware and its download tools from the attachment first, as

Link: Http:// Password: q6yz

2. Open the Burn-write tool, select 0x0000 and 0x4000, compare



3. One click to write, wait for the following to show success (need to pull the gpio0 low, basic knowledge)

4. After the module is burned, power on, download the Attachment Android app, open after installation

Link: Password: X7ey

Open Android App

4. Introduce network mode first
4.1 Click on the app's configuration mode button to enter the interface as

4.2 Click to toggle button

4.3 Find the WiFi connection password at the beginning of the Mywifi 123456789, after the connection is successful return to point next green button to enter the next
4.4 Click on the list of the router you want to make esp8266 connection (usually home router), fill in the router password, click the blue button below, wait about 30 seconds, until the button becomes successful, if more than 1 minutes has not changed, Cliff is your password is wrong, or the account selected and password mismatch.

4.5 Successful people go ahead, return to the main interface

4.6 Click on the network mode, for example, if the icon below the device online is a picture state, then the connection is successful, if the gray advanced bar in the rotation, it means that the connection is successful, please confirm whether the phone can be internet, WiFi or 4g can

4.7 Continue, click on the Device online icon to enter
4.8 Download the accessory serial debugging assistant at this time, open the configuration such as, remember is hex (hex transceiver), and mobile app through the network communication

5. Direct connect mode and its mode
5.1 First switch the mobile network to Mywifi start connection password 123456789
5.2 Then the app opens the Direct connect mode, the same icon becomes bright indicating a successful connection, and then open the serial debugging assistant, such as Web mode settings, send hex data

6. About Cloud Servers
Cloud Server for myself to write, want to learn or for development, please contact the author QQ503132406
7. All rights reserved
The above app, esp8266 firmware, server are written by the author himself, only for the study of scientific use, details of the consultation QQ503132406

Internet of Things "discovery" free cloud service Platform, AP transmission, Web transmission, Esp8266,hex format data

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