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Article Description: Dropbox has tried various online marketing tools, including SEO and affiliate marketing, but the cost is too high and the benefits are poor. Later learn the experience of PayPal, the use of the invitation rebate design. As a result, nature is the envy of the people.

Recently considered the invitation of the website rebate (recommended rebate) product design, research on some characteristics of the site related to the rule design, more and more feel that this is an interesting thing.

The current group buying site is standard recommended rebate: After the first time the user is invited to purchase successfully, the Inviter received cash rebate to deposit to the account. The rules at home and abroad are basically similar, but only slightly different in the evaluation method. PayPal for individuals and businesses also have rebate set, the merchant recommended bonuses up to 1000 U.S. knives , remember that individual users also have recommended rebate, but did not find the page.

On the Ucdchina of the previous read a discussion Dropbox why the success of the post , simply talked about its invitation to register. Combined with my experience of using Dropbox and the news that Dropbox's CEO revealed in an interview, it's a good thing to recommend a rebate system for Dropbox to get the current success.

Dropbox has tried various online marketing tools, including SEO and affiliate marketing, but the cost is too high and the benefits are poor. Later learn the experience of PayPal, the use of the invitation rebate design. As a result, nature is the envy of people:

    • In September 08, Dropbox had 100,000 registered users, and by January 10, the registered volume reached 4 million.
    • In April 2010, the user sent a 2.8 million-time registration invitation
    • Nearly 30% of new registrations per day come from the invitation to register

The characteristics of Dropbox invitation Rebate design

Many new sites are using the invitation rebate design, but not every site is successful. But Dropbox with the unique invitation mechanism to achieve greater success, which is still some mystery.

    • Two-way profit invitation mechanism. After the invitees are successfully registered, the inviter and the invitees can obtain an additional 250M of Dropbox storage space, up to 8G. (PayPal is one-way.) )
    • Call to action directs the resident user interface, and the guide language is more appealing for free access to more space.
    • Landing page design is exquisite, provides the mail, the social media and so on various invite choice, the experience is good.
    • Send a message reminder each time the invitation is successful, and provide background to view the progress of the invitation results.
    • Provide opportunities outside the opportunity to make users enjoy and achieve word-of-mouth. It said that the invitation to profit expansion space up to 8G. In fact, through EDU certification and so on, Dropbox space can reach 18G free.
    • The invitation message title is clear, uses the Inviter name to carry on the relation hint, will not be easy to judge as the spam, promotes the opening rate.
    • The invitation mail design is exquisite, concise, convenient user judgment quickly.
    • Provide exit button, enhance user trust, reduce user harassment probability, details reflect the user care.

two-way rebate or one-way rebate?

Dropbox's invitation to return is very important is the two-way rebate system, both sides can get the benefit. Inviting parties have the passion to invite, and can give to the invited party said, "Come on, good", and the invitees do see the benefits directly. As if I used to use the VPS service Linode is also used in two-way rebate, inviting people to get 20 U.S. Knife Award, was invited to get free one months of use opportunities.

The question is, why are many sites not using two-way rebates?

Friends say the biggest problem with two-way rebates is how to avoid false invitations, that is, a situation where a user invites himself. But I don't think this is a problem. Two-way rebate is actually a one-way rebate inside the benefit of the proportion of the share, and achieve one-way rebate consistent. Moreover, in any rebate mechanism design, there is a prerequisite: the invitees must meet certain requirements, inviting people to obtain rebate. Such conditions include: successful purchase, successful invitation to the offline and so on.

More invitation to rebate design best experience

    • Design the invitation feature in the prerequisite process, such as registering the last step of the process, but providing the skip button.
    • The use of the user's urgent psychological settings, such as user purchase success, to remind group purchase items still 4 to succeed, quickly invite friends to join it, you can also get 10 dollars rebate.
    • Hide the rebate point, let the user to explore.
    • In Zynga's Farmville game, only when you invite more friends to call your neighbors can you earn enough farmcoins to buy those wonderful props. But you will not have a clear guide to tell you when you invite, only when you find that there is a lack of coins, and only have more neighbors to help you get coins, you'll take the initiative to invite. Also, you might be sneaking around and not telling anyone about the discovery.

Register to use Dropbox, personally experience its invitation rebate function and the perfect sync experience

You can register yourself with the, get 2G free space, or register with the Http:// link to get extra 250M space. (This is my referral link, but I have no chance to get a rebate, now my space has reached the maximum.) )

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