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Recently, the home network always inexplicably suddenly card up, check the network connection ports, and did not find anything unusual, let a person is very puzzling. Later, in the online search for the reasons and solutions, found that "Thunderbolt secretly uploaded" This problem has caused a lot of netizens to discuss, will not slow speed and thunder of this "Vice" related to it?

The author then downloaded a flow monitoring software to view the network connection status, at first, the network did not have any exception, but suddenly, a string of red numbers let the author surprised, carefully see, how upload rate of more than 40 times times higher download rate, "Thunder secretly uploaded rumors" but a time to become a reality

At first, the author and most users of the same opinion, to get a higher download speed, sacrificing a certain rate for upload or acceptable, on the "Thunderbolt secretly upload This behavior" or adopted a tacit attitude. Besides, upload can occupy the author how much bandwidth? Moreover I also know well, opened the Thunder if does not limit the download speed, almost cannot carry on other network activity, but did not think, opened the Thunder not to download the task, the network but because "the Thunder secretly uploads" behavior almost causes the network "paralysis", lets the author be very annoyed!

I do not dislike the Thunderbolt, but the contribution of network resources can, but once this behavior affects the normal use of the network, which is very wrong, the result of only one--"ban." So in order to avoid other netizens also by the Thunder This "bad habit" drag, I suggest everyone in the boot and no download task is best to close the Thunderbolt, to avoid its impact speed.

At the same time, the author recommended that the majority of users install when possible to remove the "Thunder boot from the start" This item, if the installation is installed with the default settings, you can open the "Settings" interface, in the "General" one, remove the "boot from the Thunder" before the check can be.

In this way, do not affect the use of Thunderbolt this download "sharp weapon" at the same time, but also to avoid the thunderbolt because of the network instability caused by the Thunder or occasionally drop the consequences of the line.

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