Introduction and configuration of VMware VSAN (i)

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----VMware Vsan Beta has been out for some time, and it's finally officially released today (and VMware View 5.3.1 is also released, with the addition of Vsan support on 5.3 basis) Vsan Product home Page products/virtual-san/.

Personally, VMware Vsan may be a disruptive product, so find time to try it on Hol. Share to everyone.

----If you use a word to describe vsan, I would like to say that the configuration is simpler (storage is really not necessary to make it complicated), the hardware is cheaper (save 50% total cost of ownership), the data remains stable .

This article mainly refers to the first module of Hol, which includes the following:

    • VSAN Overview

    • Vsan Hardware and software requirements

    • Configuring Vsan Networks and Clusters

    • VSAN CLI Basic commands

Vsan Overview:

VMware's software-defined storage plan focuses on a set of local storage/shared storage and storage services provided by VMware, meaning that VMware wants to make vsphere a platform for storage services, and the goal of software-defined storage is to provide storage services And it is the automated storage of the software layer that is highly integrated with the host, abstracting the storage from the hardware. (This quote is a bit obscure, but the idea is to use vsphere as a storage service platform for software-defined storage )

    • What is Vsan-core functionality?

      Vsan is a storage solution for VMware, integrated in vsphere (5.5 U1), a set of object-based storage systems, and a sequel storage strategy platform for administrators to simplify VM storage decisions, and some of the core features of vsphere such as ha/drs/ Vmotion is highly integrated. The goal is to provide high-availability and large-scale storage .

    • Core components

      The above diagram is a beta version, and the official version released today supports 3-nodes.

    • Benefits (Customer Benefits)
      VMware has realized in many virtualization projects that storage is still very expensive for customers. Cause many items to stop or shrink. Vsan uses a hybrid mode of SSD and HDD to improve performance with SSDs, HDD meets capacity and stability, and Vsan's goal is to meet those projects that require low-cost storage. Vsan also provides extremely simple installation, management, and configuration to improve performance and resiliency. And, of course, lower storage TCO ( 50% less cost of the same performance and stability ), so I think he has the ability to subvert !

    • Typical user Scenarios

      A typical user scenario is a virtual desktop (so we see the view 5.3.1 released simultaneously), development testing, big data, disaster preparedness

Vsan Hardware and Software requirements:

    1. Software requirements: More than 3 units of vSphere5.5 U1

    2. Hardware requirements:

      1. Each host needs at least 1SSD+1HDD (the recommended configuration is SSD = HDD *10%, not every host requires local storage, but at least three must have)

      2. One HBA or Pass-thru RAID card is required for each host

      3. Each host at least one 1G NIC, recommended 10G

3. Each host needs to be configured with Vsan VMkernel Port

Introduction and configuration of VMware VSAN (i)

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