Introduction to smart infrastructure management system and technical and economic analysis (1)

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Author: User comprehensive report: compared with traditional integrated wiring systems, the intelligent infrastructure management system is composed of hardware and software systems and can work on some of the cabling infrastructure of the local network administrator, it can make infrastructure management simpler and more accurate, and monitor and record documents more quickly, so as to improve work efficiency, increase security and reliability, and ultimately reduce the overall cost of the network and improve productivity. This article analyzes the Technical Economy of the intelligent infrastructure management system represented by SYSTIMAX iPatch of the united states, so as to understand the importance of the intelligent infrastructure management system in building technology.

1.1 Why Smart infrastructure management systems

Statistics from third-party organizations (Sun Microsystems/Gartner) on the causes of network downtime are shown in 1-1. The conclusion is: 72% of the root causes of network downtime are related to infrastructure. Among these 72%, 10% are hardware equipment and 18% are software, the remaining 71% is caused by network cabling.

-1: Causes of network downtime

It can be seen that the management of network wiring and the reliability of the network operation are very important. Network interruptions caused by any wiring or network equipment failure in the data center or the front-end exchange Cabinet will cause great economic losses, therefore, it is essential to improve management and maintenance efficiency. In addition to fully considering the reliability of the system, it is also required to quickly discover and solve the problem when the problem occurs.

To improve the management efficiency and security reliability of the Integrated Wiring System, the use of intelligent infrastructure management system can avoid the problems of obsolete, difficult to maintain and manage wiring data caused by patch cord changes and other reasons during system use in the past, intelligent infrastructure management system systems and related technologies are also the development trend of Structured Cabling documents and management systems, and are favored by more and more users.

Currently, with the continuous development of technologies such as IP converged networks, data centers, and virtualization, the intelligent management of IT infrastructure is further required.

1.1.1 visualization requirements of IP converged Networks

The trend of the development of IP networks is to achieve efficient integration and cost-effective intelligent communication systems and services through application integration, to save production costs and improve initial investment utilization. The integrated wiring system integrates various smart terminals and IP control terminals based on IP architecture into a physical transmission platform on an infrastructure network. The integrated IP network technology application uses an IP-based data network to support the operation of multiple IP-based application systems, rather than independent cabling systems for each application system.

IP-based terminals and smart infrastructure management systems are used in management and operation. These IP-based terminals can be displayed and managed on a graphical management interface, it will greatly improve the management efficiency.

1.1.2 smart infrastructure management is a Development Trend

The data center is undoubtedly the most popular concept in the IT industry. Its intelligent and automated infrastructure is also one of the hot topics in the industry. China's GB 50174-2008 Electronic Information System data center design specification, Class A data center standard requirements: Real-time intelligent management systems should be used, as shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1: GB 50174-2008 specification for designing an electronic information system room, P35

As the infrastructure management system, the smart wiring management system effectively monitors the port status of the distribution frame, and combines the network management software to perform comprehensive network O & M management, wiring visualization, and wiring O & M process, data warehousing of wiring management improves fault response and Fault Locating time, increases system automation, and improves O & M efficiency.

At present, due to the continuous development of intelligent infrastructure management system, in the latest international standard TIA-606-A (Labeling) draft, that is, our commonly used wiring management standards, added an "automated infrastructure management system" (automated infrastructure management systems ). The following is a brief excerpt of several descriptions:

· Automatically detects and tracks the physical locations of terminals connected to the infrastructure;

· Integrated floor plane CAD or other types of drawings for easy interactive management and archive management;

· Supports electronic work order process management for MAC mobile, add, and change jumpers;

From the above description, we can see that the so-called "Automated Infrastructure Management System" is the "intelligent infrastructure management system" that is being promoted in the industry today. It can also be called "intelligent wiring Management System ", of course, with the continuous technological innovation of the above concepts, the market will gradually unify the understanding and recognition of this concept.

1.2 What is an intelligent infrastructure management system

The smart infrastructure management system consists of two parts: hardware and software. The principle is 1-2. The system front-end collects the connection status of the port from the sensing device installed in the Integrated Wiring distribution frame port to the Regional Monitoring Unit. A Regional Monitoring Unit monitors the port disconnection of the distribution frame connected to it, then, the system monitors the IP address settings in the region. The central management system software synchronizes communication between the IP address and the monitoring units in various regions in the region through the IP address, summarize all the connection status information and display it on a graphical user interface, so that managers can clearly view the entire system.

-2: Principle of the Facility Management System

This system uses the software and hardware platform to collect real-time signals and constantly update system status information in real time, so that the background database and the frontend connection sensor status are consistent, the complexity of manual maintenance of the database system is eliminated. In addition, the central software platform can send the on-site creation Command System for Automatic process-based operations.

An intelligent infrastructure management system is built based on smart infrastructure. The hardware and software platforms work at the physical layer and network layer. Different from network management software, the network management software works at the network layer and can tell the network administrator the fault of the logical link, but cannot tell the network administrator the physical location of the fault. The smart infrastructure management system can do this, the system can provide end-to-end connection of the Integrated Wiring System in real time, accurately, conveniently and graphically, and monitor its status in real time to provide electronic process operations, automatically update and record all information to the database, saving the complexity of maintenance operations and improving maintenance efficiency. It can be said that the system is an effective supplement and extension of network management software.

The comparison between traditional infrastructure management and smart infrastructure management is shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2 Comparison between traditional infrastructure management and smart infrastructure management

Compared with the functional improvements of the smart infrastructure management system and traditional infrastructure management, we can see that deploying an intelligent system in the infrastructure system can effectively improve the efficiency of O & M management.

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