Introduction to mobile application development platform, Mobile Application Development Platform

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Introduction to mobile application development platform, Mobile Application Development Platform

AppCan MEAP Enterprise Mobile Application Platform

AppCan MEAP is a platform-level product that provides standard technical support for Enterprise Mobile informatization strategies. AppCan MEAP provides comprehensive, open-standard, and proactive mobile application technology solutions to help enterprises develop, test, publish, deploy, and manage mobile applications at an efficient and low cost, at the same time, the high experience of applications is maintained.

The AppCan MEAP platform consists of three parts: Mobile Application Development System, mobile service integration system, and mobile application management system, it includes a complete set of complete, open, standard, and efficient mobile development, deployment, and management tools.


AppCan MEAP platform Mobile Application Development System

The mobile application development system of AppCan MEAP consists of the following parts:


Mobile integrated development environment

Provides HTML developers with a fully functional cross-platform and high-experience mobile application development and debugging environment.


Plug-in Development EnvironmentProvides an AppCan plug-in development environment for Native developers.

Development Support SystemThe compilation server for Enterprise Mobile applications, designed to reduce enterprises' investment in mobile development, seamlessly integrates HTML developers and Native developers, and flexibly configures management services, enables Integrated Management of testing, publishing, and configuration of mobile applications.


AppCan MEAP platform mobile business integration system

The mobile business integration system of AppCan MEAP is an intermediate service layer designed for the mobilization of existing information systems of enterprises to connect mobile applications and enterprise business systems. The product has various built-in standard protocol components that can be flexibly connected to the frontend and backend of mobile services. At the same time, it also has built-in efficient message pushing capabilities and provides secondary development interfaces to facilitate mobile application operation.


AppCan MEAP platform Mobile Application Management System

 The Mobile Application Management System of AppCan MEAP provides flexible and efficient mobile application management solutions for Enterprise Mobile informatization, including application upgrade, terminal management, authentication policy, information push, certificate management, statistical analysis, mobile app store, and other services, which can effectively reduce the management threshold for enterprises to enter mobile information.


Platform advantagesThe AppCan MEAP Enterprise Mobile Application Platform has the following advantages:

Industry-leading mobile application engineAppCan Hybrid Engine is an industry-leading Hybrid mobile application Engine. It solves the problems of poor HTML5 Web App experience and difficulty in Native App development. It adopts a standardized development framework and supports custom extensions, it is also unique in its technical adaptation to Android devices of various Chinese brands. A mobile application developed based on AppCan has good experience, fast operation, low threshold, and short development cycle. It can meet the development needs of various mobile applications.


Integrated and open mobile development, deployment and management platform

AppCan MEAP provides a complete solution from front-end application development, integrated backend service deployment to integrated application management. The platform adopts a standardized and scalable development architecture and supports third-party Javascript libraries and UI frameworks, supports custom engine and plug-in extension, supports plug-in custom resources, and minimizes the investment in Enterprise Mobile development, deployment, and management, with good scalability and backward compatibility.


Standardized and scalable business integration framework

The mobile business integration system of the AppCan MEAP platform provides APIs to encapsulate various common protocol stacks (REST, SQL, SOAP, LDAP, REDIS, and DOM) in the industry, you can easily integrate multiple business systems of an enterprise and integrate functions between different systems in one application. The interface is easy to expand and has the integration capability of secondary encapsulation and integration.

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