Introduction to Photoshop Four kinds of marquee tools

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What we're going to learn today is Photoshop's marquee tool, the Photoshop Marquee tool has four tools-rectangular marquee tool, elliptical Marquee tool, Single-line Marquee tool, single column Marquee tool, and the Marquee tool allows you to select rectangles, ellipses, and rows and columns with a width of 1 pixels. By default, drag the marquee from one corner of the marquee. The shortcut key for this tool is the letter M.

Rectangle Marquee Tool, elliptical marquee tool

Figure 1

Figure 2

Use the rectangular marquee tool, in the image to confirm to select the range, hold down the left mouse button to drag the mouse, you can select the selection. The elliptical marquee tool is used in the same way as the rectangular marquee tool.

Single Box marquee tool, single column marquee tool

Figure 3

Use one-line or single column marquee tool to confirm the range you want to select in the image, click once to choose a pixel wide selection, for single or single column marquee tool, click Next to the area you want to select, and then drag the marquee to the exact position. If the marquee is not visible, increase the magnification of the image view.

Marquee Tool's Property bar

Tool Properties Bar for the Photoshop Marquee tool

A. New selection: You can create a new selection.

B. Add to selection: On the basis of an existing constituency, an additional constituency will be added, that is, to enlarge the original constituency.

C. Subtract from a constituency: cut off part of a constituency on the basis of the original constituency.

D. Crossover with selection: The result of the execution is the portion of the two constituencies that intersect.

E. Style: For rectangular marquee tool, rounded rectangle marquee tool, or elliptical marquee tool, select a style in the options bar,

Normal: Drag to determine the marquee ratio.

Fixed aspect ratio: sets the width ratio. Enter a value for the aspect ratio (in Photoshop, the decimal value is valid). For example, to draw a marquee that is twice times wider, enter width 2 and height 1.

Fixed size: Specifies a fixed value for the height and width of the marquee. Enter an integer pixel value. Remember, the number of pixels required to create a 1-inch selection depends on the resolution of the image.

Figure 4


is actually the empty value of the selection, the higher the feather value, the more ambiguous the selection.


This option is available only when using the elliptical marquee tool, which determines whether the edges of the selection are smooth or not.

To set the effect of a feather value

What we're going to learn today is using the PS Marquee tool to add a border to a photo. With the image of the edge of the picture itself to do dark and translucent processing, and then hook a circle of thin white line, the effect is simple and very exquisite.


Effect chart

1. Right click on the original image to save to the local computer

2. Open this picture in Photoshop. (File/Open)

3. Copy layer to this picture, shortcut key (CTRL+J).

Figure 6

4. Select the rectangular Selection tool in the Toolbox, the shortcut key (M).

5. Draw the border on the canvas.

6. Select Edit/Stroke commands on the menu bar.

7. Select Edit/Stroke commands (note set stroke width and color) in the menu bar.

8. Select the "Select/deselect" command (Ctrl+shift+i) in the menu bar to select the part outside the White line box.

9. Finally let the selection of this part of the color depth can be, in the menu bar select "Image/adjust/brightness contrast" (here we direct operation, as to the principle will be in the palette of the part to explain)

10. Reduce the brightness in the pop-up window.

11. After the determination, press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection, and then save it

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