Introduction to PHP feof () functions and methods for reading files using the feof () function

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This article mainly introduces PHP using the feof () function read the file method, with instance form contrast correct and wrong usage, clarified the use of feof () function skill, need friends can refer to the next

The feof () function detects if the end of file (EOF) has been reached. Returns an error (including the socket timeout) if the file pointer goes to EOF, or TRUE If an error occurs, otherwise returns FALSE.

Feof applied to PHP 4, PHP 5
-Used to test whether the file pointer is at the end of the file.

If the server does not close the connection opened by Fsockopen (), feof () waits until the timeout expires and returns true. The default time-out limit is 60 seconds, and you can use Stream_set_timeout () to change the value.

The file pointer must be valid and must point to a file that was successfully opened by fopen () or Fsockopen () (and not yet closed by fclose ()).

If the passed file pointer is invalid, it may fall into an infinite loop because EOF does not return TRUE.
Example #1 the feof () example using invalid file pointers:

The code is as follows:

<?php//If the file is unreadable or does not exist, the fopen function returns False$file = @fopen ("No_such_file", "R");//FALSE from fopen emits a warning message and is trapped here in an infinite loop while (!feof ($file)) {}fclose ($file);? >

Example: The code is as follows:

<?php  $file = fopen ($_server[' document_root '). " /me/test.txt "," R ");    Prints all the lines in the text until the end of the file. While  (! feof ($file))  {    echo fgets ($file). "<br/>";  }  Fclose ($file);  ? >

Hello, this is a test file.
There is three lines here.
The last line.

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