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QT Toolkit for graphical user interface programming. It does not include everything: the emphasis is on teaching a graphical user interface programming idea, and it is also necessary to introduce the features of QT. Some features that are normally used are not used in this tutorial.

Qt is a cross-platform, C + + graphical user interface application framework. It provides the functionality that the application developer needs to build an art-level graphical user interface. QT is fully object-oriented, easily extensible, and allows truly component programming.

Basically, the Mfc,owl,vcl,atl on the graphics interface such as QT and MOTIF,OPENWIN,GTK on the X Window are the same type of thing, but QT has the following advantages:

Excellent cross-platform features:

QT supports the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, Digital UNIX (OSF/1, Tru64), Irix , FreeBSD, Bsd/os, SCO, AIX, OS390,QNX, and so on.


QT's good encapsulation mechanism makes QT modular degree is very high, reusability is good, to user development is very convenient. Qt provides a type of security called Signals/slots to replace the callback, which makes it easy to work together on various components.

A rich API

Qt includes up to 250 C + + classes, but also for template-based collections, serialization, file, I/O device, directory Management, date/time classes. It even includes the processing capabilities of regular expressions.

Supports 2D/3D graphics rendering, supporting OpenGL

A large number of development documents

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