Introduction to several large Oracle/sql server database free editions

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We know that there are also some free versions of large databases such asOracle and SQL Server , which have been able to meet the needs of many small and medium-sized projects. For college students, from the goal of learning, the installation of the free version of the large database is sufficient, and will not spend too much personal computer resources, can be described as double benefit. In this article we introduce several free large databases, and we'll start with the introduction.

I. Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

Referred to as Oracle 10g swiftness (XE edition), is a small entry-level database based on the Oracle Database 10g version 2nd code base, with the following benefits:

(1) Free development, arrangement and distribution, without worrying about copyright issues.

(2) Fast download speed, the English version of the size is only 165MB, and multi-language version is only 216MB.

The corresponding client tool is also very small, 30MB.

: http://om/technology/software/products/database/xe/htdocs/102xewinsoft.html

(3) and discipline easy.

Oracle's official saying so, Oracle database XE is a good entry-level database for the following users:

    • Developers working on PHP, Java,. NET, XML, and full-blown source code utilization;
    • A free entry-level database is required to hold the training and scheduling DBA;
    • An entry-level database is required for free release of self-reliant software vendors (ISVs) and hardware vendors;
    • It is necessary to take advantage of the free database of teaching institutions and students in the course.

The Oracle Database XE version does not limit the size and number of CPUs installed on the target host (one database per computer).

The limitation is that the database stores up to 4GB of user data, and the database can utilize up to 1GB of memory and only one CPU on the host.

Ii. SQL SERVER, Expression Edition

Microsoft's SQL SERVER 2008 is also a very good database, also launched a corresponding free version, that is, Expression Edition version. Its personality is as follows:

(1) Easy and free; Rapid occurrence and scheduling of database processing plans.

Easy backup and restore.

Integrated graphical correctional tools to support report manufacturing and full-text search.; Consistent with the occurrence of Web site utilization and self-reliance.

(2) Function expansion

    • High function
    • Using the same database engine as SQL SERVER 2008
    • Fully Accept SQL SERVER 2008

(3) Integration

    • Integrates with Visual Studio to develop
    • Leverage business intelligence and Office integration
    • Support PHP

(4) Easy to learn


The file size is 558MB.

The limit is to support only single processors, the database stores up to 4GB of user data, and the database can utilize up to 1GB of memory.

Third, DB2 express-c

DB2 Express-c is a free, fully licensed product that IBM publishes to the community. It does not limit the use of time and data size. Be able to use this database server free of cost to exploit process development and scheduling.

Once registered with IBM, ISVs and business partners are also able to issue DB2 express-c free of charge in their processing plans.

The 32-bit V9.7 version of Windows has a size of 400MB.

: http://om/developerworks/cn/downloads/im/udbexp/

The advantage is that the DB2 express-c database does not limit the number of users and the size of the database.

The limitation is that the DB2 express-c database engine can utilize up to 2 CPU cores and 2GB of memory.

Iv. IBM's Cloudscape

Cloudscape is an open source, free database supplied by IBM.

Cloudscape is a lightweight, embeddable connection engine that is supplied as a Java class library. Its native interface is Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) with Java contact extension. It ended up with the sql92e spec and numerous SQL 99 stretches. The engine provides transactional and differentiated restores, supports multiple connections, and supports multiple threads that utilize one connection. Because Cloudscape is a Java class library, you can easily embed it in any Java utilization process or server architecture without hurting the Java personality of the exploitation process. When it is necessary to expand the database, Cloudscape supports promiscuous SQL transactions and JDBC, which will allow it to migrate the process to other SQL databases, such as IBM DB2? Universal Database? (UDB).

The advantage is that it is open source.

In fact, in the development of the project should not be very apt to think of MySQL, and MySQL was the acquisition of Oracle after the uncertain future, we still have a lot of choices. For example, "object-oriented." The father of C + + has said that the C + + language is not, and is unwilling to become a simple "object-oriented" language.

About the large database Oracle/sql server free version of the introduction to say so much, I hope this introduction can bring you some of the harvest it, thank you!

Introduction to several large Oracle/sql server database free editions

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