Introduction to SIP (II): Build sipserver

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In my previous article, I introduced how to use a SIP Soft Phone for direct calls. However, if many other users need to talk to each other, at the same time, authentication and control of User Account logon is required based on security considerations, in these cases, you need to establish a sipserver.

Role of sipserver:
Call control and processing functions, business provision/support functions, user management functions, protocol processing functions, route processing, access authentication, billing information collection, Operation Maintenance/network management functions, interworking functions, security features (optional), blacklist and whitelist, and congestion control (optional ).

Conditions for sipserver creation:
* A computer acts as a server;
* The server usually needs a fixed IP address;
* The client cannot be executed on the server (that is, the client and server cannot be started at the same time; otherwise, a conflict occurs ).

The previous article introduced how to use yate2client. This time, we still use yate2 to build sipserver. Because yate2 includes the client and server at the same time, you do not need to install the server separately.

Note: three computers are required for this trial, for example:

Computer A, yate2client, Account name: Test, IP:

Computer B, yate2server, IP:

Computer C, yate2client, Account name: Cheney, IP:

In addition, it is not recommended to install yate2server on Windows 7, which may cause many problems and cause the server to be unavailable. Windows XP is recommended.

To build a sipserver using yate2:
1. Install yate2server (omitted );
2. Open the conf. d sub-folder in the yate2 installation folder;
3. Copy regfile. conf. Sample and change it to regfile. conf:
* Find; auth = 100,; register = 100,; route = 100, remove the semicolon;
* Add two lines at the end of the file for each user to be created:
Password = Password
For example:
Password = 521

Password = 521
In this way, yate2server has the identity authentication function.
4. Start-Administrative Tools-service and start the yet another telephony engine service again. If no error message is displayed, the service starts successfully.

Verify whether the server is available
1. Start yate2client on computer;
2. Select Settings-> accounts-> New to open the new account dialog box, and fill in the items, as shown in the following figure:
* Use provider, select none
* Protocol = sip
* Username = Username
* Password = Password
* Server = Server IP Address

Click OK, And the status will display "online", for example, as shown in. This indicates that the token is successful and you have correctly established the simplest yate2 sipserver.

Packet capture data for communications in computer B During the refer process.

Call yate2server
1. Start yate2client on computer C, create an account, and log on to it;
2. In the dial-up bar of yate2client of computer A, enter the account name of the other party, and click "call" to make a call, as shown in the following figure.

Packet capture data for communications in computer B during a call.

At this point, the sipserver is established and the call Retry is completed. If you are interested, you can analyze the packet capture data to have a specific understanding of the SIP communication process.


Introduction to SIP (II): Build sipserver

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