Introduction to the function of call-to-call bounce screen software

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Due to the expansion of the development of various companies, the corresponding business flow is more and more, as the company staff to receive a lot of different customer calls every day, also often appear such a situation: the first contact when the conversation is very good, customer service is very satisfied with you, can wait for customers to call the consultation, And you forget about the customer name; When the customer buys two times, but forgets the last price is how much, this also in invisibly by the customer's dislike, also from different degrees caused the customer churn. How to defuse a similar embarrassment? Call- through screen software can solve the above problems, the following is to introduce the call-to-call bounce screen software related functions.
Call Bounce Screen , as the name implies is in a customer call, will call information automatically displayed on the computer, with the phone's caller ID is a meaning, as shown in the call-to- screen software customer calls Bounce screen window.

How to achieve this effect? and mobile phone call display, just need to add the customer information in the background: in the menu bar options, select "Data Center" under "Information management", pop-up data Management window, this window shows all the customer list records (equivalent to the mobile phone
), click the "+" button below, add the contact information, enter the completion of the click "Add" to complete the Address Book Add. When this contact is called again, the system will automatically pop up the window to prompt the call information. When the call on the screen display as a strange call, can be connected after the phone to ask the basic information, and quickly in the call-on- screen software to add the customer information, convenient calls to answer later.

call-through screen software support docking third-party management software, such as docking the inventory management software, when a customer calls, not only will display the customer's call information, but also show the customer's recent business records, so more convenient to understand customer information, improve business efficiency.

If the call harassment, you can add it to the blacklist, the number will be called again after the system automatically intercept hang-off. The specific blacklist operation is: In the call record to find the harassment call, and then the right mouse button select "Call Filter", so that the number added to the blacklist (SMS filtering and call filtering).

If you want to delete the number in the blacklist, you can select "Call Information" under "Phone Message" in the menu bar, will pop up the call Filter window, all blacklisted records will be displayed in the window, select the number you want to recover, click "x" below, delete the blacklist number, This will restore the display of the screen after the number is re-entered.

In addition, the call-to- screen software comes with recording effect. When the customer calls, the operator can pick up the phone the moment the system automatically starts recording, the phone hangs, the recording automatically ends; Right-click the call record and select "Play Recording" in the pop-up window to automatically play the call that you just recorded. It is convenient for the operator to forget some of the customer's requirements after hanging up the phone.

The above for the call-to-call bounce screen software part of the function of the introduction of the call Bomb screen software powerful and simple operation, for the company's business processing provides a lot of convenience. Other features will be introduced in the following articles, interested friends can search related sites, to learn more about the call-to- call Pinball software features.

Introduction to the function of call-to-call bounce screen software

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