Introduction to the Journal of Network Telecommunications

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Introduction to the Journal of Network Telecommunications
"Network Telecommunications" magazine is published by Hong Kong Network Telecommunications Information Co., Ltd., is for the communications industry manufacturers, distributors, operators, and the vast number of network and telecommunications users of professional publications.
"Network Telecommunications" magazine for the monthly, in order to publish the international popular Folio, at home and abroad issued.

About Network Telecom
Network Telecom Magazine is the network and telecommunication industry ' s leading-in-in-, publication in the field of optic fiber communication, access network, mobile communications, cabling system and data communications; and has established its reputation by a combination of authoritative editorial content, targeting a circulation to high Qu Ality covering the entire of the region.
For the past years, network Telecom has been-reaching the right people in-with content they understand and respond t O. With a circulation of 40,000 copies/issue, 85%of which circulates at in, the rest distributes at the region incl uding North America, Europe, Asia other than china.our circulation the list is maintained and updated daily,ensuring maximum E Fficiency in reaching the decision-maker of ' s nerwork and telecommunication industries.
Network Telecom has monthly coverage On:technique advancement introducing the latest technologies of network and Telecomm Unications industry; Views of expert organizing the experts to discuss latest technique and its development;networks introducing Ghe Pment and construction of public telecommunications including, Telecom, and Unicom Ommunications including electronic power, railways, water resources, military, aerospace and petro-chemical industry; Refresher course of special features systematically exploring and explaining the contemporary issue the industry is F acing; Directory of acronyms interpreting the pertinent acronyms in network and telecommunication for helping the reader to more Easily absorb the latest Technique;market analysis analyzing the market variation for providing a fresh, absorbing read th At reached deep to the heart of industry issues and events, by written in a distinctively style; News of event Reporting The Envent News of network and telecommunication industry; Product Showcase Introducing Ghe latest products launching in market; Comprehensive news including the manufacturer ' s special, brief news and Advertiser index.
For details about how your company can advertise on We magazine and benefit from direct exposure to the most influential Up by network and telecommunication professionals, please send the e-mail to ensure so you can NJoy the advantage from the journal with profession in content and international in readership.

"Telecom Website" column Introduction
One, the expert viewpoint
It is an authoritative platform to introduce all kinds of new technology theories by organizing experts from domestic and foreign communications industry to discuss the technical trends of the development of network telecommunications.
Ii. Market Outlook
Comprehensive report of domestic and foreign communication market consulting company professionals on domestic and foreign communication market analysis and prediction for the industry's market personnel and management to provide decision-making basis, grasp the development trend of communications industry.
Third, optical fiber communication
As the authoritative magazine of the domestic optical communication industry, the network Telecom magazine comprehensively reports the development of optical fiber communication technology and the development trend of the world optical communication market. Mainly include optical fiber and cable, optical transmission, optical communication test instruments and accessories and other products.
Iv. Mobile Communications
This paper introduces the latest trends of the development of mobile communications at home and abroad, such as GSM, WCDMA, GPRS networking technology and operators ' understanding of these technologies.
V. Broadband network
This paper introduces the construction and operation of broadband communication networks such as China Telecom, Chinese Unicom, radio and television, railways, and other communication broadband networks and the development of the market and technology. and introduce the technology solution of the broadband product supplier.
Vi. Business Forum
Invite well-known managers in communications to the industry market demand hotspots, technology development trends to express their unique insights, and forecast the latest development trend of the communications market.
VII. Special Report
This newspaper reports an interview with some well-known entrepreneurs and senior managers in the communications industry.
Eight, the Enterprise special
By domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to provide articles, the column requirements of new content, technology leadership, and guidance. At the same time, the company's products, technology and corporate image to promote.

IX. Market News
Focus on the latest domestic and foreign product market information, user requirements. There is a certain news, but also pay attention to the actual effect, to meet the needs of readers to grasp the information timely.
Ten, exhibition information
Domestic and foreign special exhibitions, the large and medium large-scale professional exhibitions in-depth reports and exhibitors to the exhibition before, during and after the exhibition report.

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