Introduction to the new features of Visual Studio 2017 for mobile development

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Visual Studio is one of the best Ides in the world, if it is. NET world, there is no one (^_^), and the recently launched Visual Studio 2017 has strengthened this in the mobile platform. This version contains some great features, including real-time unit testing, new refactoring, code hints, c#7.0 support, and the ability to help mobile developers build better mobile applications.

Let's take a look at some of the features in Visual Studio 2017 that make mobile development easier. Visual Studio 2017 has improved the installation experience

The Visual Studio team has upgraded the overall installation experience for this version of Visual Studio 2017. The new installation process is more intuitive and touch-friendly, and most importantly, we can achieve a lower disk footprint by selecting only the tools we need. We can choose the features that are best suited to our needs, such as mobile development, which only needs to include the. net,uwp or. NET core. Install only the required components to keep the download and final installation dimensions to a minimum. You can start faster than before, and you need to make sure that the parts you install are just the ones you need at the start.

Added a new project template

The core of many mobile applications is simply fetching the data list view from the Web. The Visual Studio version 2017 creates a new template to deal with this situation. Just click on a few buttons to implement your mobile project in ios,android and Windows 10 mobile applications, including tag navigation, MVVM, settings, and so on. By clicking on the "Host in" cloud, you can implement the back-end configuration of the mobile application and complete the online/offline synchronization and automatic conflict resolution client code to easily elevate your mobile project to a new level.

Enhanced XAML IntelliSense

Any xamarin.forms XAML document from Visual Studio 2017 can give you a noticeable boost in IntelliSense. The new code completion engine supports bindings, custom attributes, custom controls, and converters.

Forms Previewer make previewing more intuitive

Xamarin. Forms Previewer provides us with a "WYSIWYG" view to help us understand how the appliance is displayed, as well as the real-time updates that we have changed. Visual Studio 2017 has made a number of improvements to xamarin.forms previewer to increase the scope of the supported controls and XAML structures. This can save a lot of time when you are deploying the application to a device to see the effect changes.

Use archiving tool to implement seamless publishing applications

Usually we go through the process of developing, debugging, testing, and publishing applications to the application store. The Android Archive Manager provides us with a seamless application release process by step-by-step instructions in Visual Studio 2017 for our entire process.

View Changes by Inspector

Xamarin Inspector is a tool for Visual Studio Enterprise users, and with this tool you can immediately see the results of changes to the user interface. For example, we can see font changes without having to rerun the application, which improves the look and feel of our application; We just need to run the application using inspector to see the effects of the changes in real time.

Add the iOS Emulator for Windows

The Windows iOS emulator is another feature of the visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition. With this feature, you can view the iOS Simulator without jumping back to the Mac, making your application development easier. Using Profiler to detect problems

Xamarin Profiler is a tool for detecting memory leaks and unused resources. Before the application is sent to users, Visual Studio Enterprise users can use the power of Profiler to detect these problems.

Test Recorder to help better testing applications

Xamarin Test Cloud allows us to test our applications on real-world physical devices to understand the true performance of the application. It should be explained that this is required to write a test script to implement. Visual Studio Enterprise users can use Xamarin Test Recorder to record the test process, and they can run the application to test on a large number of devices in Xamarin test cloud. Summarize

Whatever it is. NET developer, or mobile application developer, if you don't have a thorough understanding of visual Studio 2017, you can try this version of the new features and enhancements.

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