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In this aspect of web design, I personally feel that I still have a say, these years of network work, their own web page is still a lot of, there are individuals, there are some companies, so that for the design of the Web site, I think it is a need to learn the knowledge, for web design, I have a two-point feeling.

A knowledge of web design

Whatever you do, you must first know what you are doing. This is a basis for our understanding of the premise, for the web design I said, there are many people will say, is not a Web page, there is nothing to understand. In fact, such a view is wrong, in a lot of new webmaster, are more deep experience, and some webmaster think that the Web page, do not need to design so deliberately, as long as their own website article original, search engine included, PR high, then the page does not matter. Such a view of the biggest mistake, I personally think that is such a site completely ignore the user's feelings, yes, your site is good, but you have to understand your site is to do for who to see, is the search engine, is virtual it. In fact, we do the site is to do to our users to see, so if a good site, all aspects are very good, but the Web page to do very simple, empty. So imagine, our users will be on your page for how long, this is called the outside of the site is strong, even if your site to do a good job, I think it will not have any effect.

Some webmaster said, then the Web page to do the beautiful, the mind is placed in the design of the Web page is not good. There are a lot of such thoughts, I have also encountered such a thing, before doing a website, open the home page, I feel really is very beautiful, but when I look carefully, found that the entire site page except beautiful, there is no readability, no text content, Go to a check to know that the site included basic no, website promotion also do very bad. Such a phenomenon is too much attention to the surface, ignoring our search engine, such a site is not good, so that our users have a good sense of beauty after the feeling is no longer feel, such a phenomenon is called the forcible.

Feasibility proposal: Start to design Web pages, using SEO knowledge to optimize the site, promotion, the two-pronged approach, so that their own in any aspect are perfect.

Second grasp navigation design, through the entire Web page

Whether it is to do web design this aspect of the personnel, or our vast number of ordinary users, you open a website, will first go to see what? I think most people will go to see the navigation, because the navigation is a Web page beacon, want to know what can be in the navigation point of what, let us easier to know, Let our web page play the role that we want to be.

For SEO professionals are aware that a very important role of navigation in the Web page is to attract spiders to the depth of the crawl, because each of the navigation is a link form, also see as an anchor text, spiders just crawl over, click in is another page, and then point is a page, This will increase the probability of our web site. In this way, the role of our site is still very obvious, so that in the Web designer's point of view is very good for themselves.

For a user to open a Web page, do you want a straightforward web page to show up in front of you, or do you want a messy web page to show up in front of you? I think all will choose the first one, in fact, the role of navigation is to attract our website users in the time to browse step-by-step understanding of our site, know what we do the site is to do what, so for our site is a great advantage, After all, the user's experience is to weigh our site to do is good and bad an important benchmark, so that a can run through the entire site of the page navigation is very important, but also we all webmaster should have an essential awareness.

Feasibility proposal: Home navigation as simple as possible, layout must be neat, so that people have a good visual effect, regular view, to prevent the formation of dead links.

The above is I use my own experience of many years to sum up and feel the Web design some experience, in fact, web design is different from the Web site program development Such technology, just hope to be able to help more webmaster, but also want to help our users to distinguish between a good site and bad site benchmarks. Also hope that more and more webmaster in the Web design and user experience two principles, more good layout of their own website, so that their site to get greater success, more recognition. The article originates from the, please indicate the source.

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