Investigation and comment: Are all industries facing shuffling now? Why?

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Yesterday, I chatted with my former colleagues and talked about the shuffling of the industry. I suddenly thought of a question: is it true that almost all industries are facing a shuffling of the market? At least in the banking, securities, fund, and insurance industries that we are engaged in, what are the situations in other industries? For this reason, I would like to ask my friends in other industries to talk about their opinions. .

In addition, China's software industry has been developing for more than 20 years, and the whole world's software industry has been developing for nearly 60 years. At present, the entire software industry is facing huge changes and development due to the promotion of the Internet and the further maturity of the network economy. China's software industry is facing a particularly huge pressure to change. It is never described as "a storm of rain. In terms of production and marketing methods of Chinese software enterprises, I have seen the following two differences: first, the differences in development methods:

1.At present, most enterprises do not pay attention to technology in the market, and do not pay attention to quality in short-sighted software development..

I don't want to explain this too much. The marketing department only needs to "quickly" Work and collect money quickly. The company only sells for the price, but ignores the maintenance cost later. The final result is that the software is not ready and the money is not fully collected, and maintenance is still required. The customer's demands have changed three times a day, so they are overwhelmed. The result is double-win!

2.A cost-oriented software development method that is truly industrialized.

Software enterprises are not only obedient, but also give corresponding suggestions and opinions to the customer, understand the real needs of the customer, and strive to achieve a win-win situation from the perspective of cost effectiveness.

Second, there are two differences in software marketing:

1.The customer is absolutely God and unconditionally obeys all requirements of the customer. I summarized it as "selling and selling" marketing..

All the customer's needs must be absolutely met, even if the customer changes three times a day, not only that, but even installs and repairs computers for the customer, and even hate to help the customer soy sauce. One free discount on the left and one free discount on the right, so as to try your best to please the customer.

2.The customer is not an absolute god, and finds a balance between the customer and the company's cost. I summarized it as "selling without selling yourself" marketing..

All actions in accordance with business rules, all cooperation is basically limited to the business scope, and the goal is to seek a win-win situation. For example, some foreign enterprises.

What I want to know now is:If China's software in all industries is facing a re-shuffling of the market, is it the root cause of the struggle between the two software development/marketing methods?. How can small and medium-sized software enterprises adapt to and complete the transformation as soon as possible?

Further, the software can now be open-source. Can the management systems and methods of small and medium-sized software enterprises be open-source? What contribution can we make in the blog Park?

Of course, as the netizen said, "software companies are currently in a situation of food and clothing, and their immediate interests are important, making it hard for them to spend a lot of money." However, I am not only discussing the current situation of software development in China, we also want to explore its future development and direction. Nowadays, social development is not only the survival of the fittest, but also the survival of the wise. Self-Knowledge is the basic quality of the wise. AsProgramPersonnel, if we want to continue to develop, we should not only "know", but also "Introspection" and "self-knowledge" to let us know our own defects, "Introspection" allows us to find truth from failure. I believe that many people have gone through more than one company. Working in different companies gives us a clearer picture of the problems exposed in the success or failure of the company, only by fully learning from these cases can we make the future better and smoother. Therefore, I believe that such discussions are very meaningful.

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