IOS 8 Installation tutorial illustration, ios tutorial illustration

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IOS 8 Installation tutorial illustration, ios tutorial illustration

IOS 8, Apple's latest mobile device operating system, is now available for download today. Compared with iOS 7, iOS 8's biggest change this time includes Apple's brand new health applications and the Continuity feature that allows users to operate across devices.

The overall software appearance of iOS 8 is basically the same as that of iOS 7. However, Apple has made minor adjustments in many places to facilitate user operations. For how to download iOS 8 to your iPhone, see the following Tutorial:

1. If you are not afraid of 10 thousand, back up your iPhone first.

Although there is a small chance of a problem, you should back up the photos, information, and contacts on your mobile phone to ensure that everything is safe. Every time you insert an iPhone into your computer, it will be automatically backed up to the iCloud cloud. If you enable the iCloud support function, the iPhone also backs up the Wi-Fi network. To make sure that the iCloud backup is enabled, go to set up application> iCloud> storage and backup, and then enable the iCloud backup.

2. Make sure that the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network.

IOS 8 occupies a large amount of space. Therefore, a fast and secure connection method is required to ensure fast download. To enable Wi-Fi, slide the screen from the bottom up, pull out the menu below, and click the Wi-Fi icon. You can also set the application, click Wi-Fi, and select add to a wireless network. If you have a socket nearby, it is best to power your iPhone.

3. Download the upgrade package: click Set Application ID on the main screen to find the common application.

4. Go to general settings, click Software Update, and check whether your iPhone system needs to be updated. If necessary, the system will prompt you.

5. Click Download and install to install the new system to your device. In view of the large space occupied by iOS 8, you may have to delete some uncommonly used applications to release some space.

That's it. If the download takes a long time or the system prompts that an error has occurred, don't worry, it may be because millions of people are trying to download the upgrade package at the same time, resulting in Apple's server congestion.

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