IOS 9 app development tutorial-custom app icons and real-machine testing

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IOS 9 app development tutorial-custom app icons and real-machine testing
IOS 9 app development tutorial-custom app icons and real-machine test custom iOS 9 app icons

In Figure 1.12, you can see that the application icon is a mesh white image, which is the default icon of the application on the iOS simulator. This icon can be changed. The following figure shows how to change the HelloWorld application icon on the iOS simulator.

(1)images image logo.png to the created Project. The procedure for adding an image is as follows. Right-click any position in the project folder and a shortcut menu is displayed, as shown in Figure 1.39.

Then, select Add Files to HelloWorld... Command. The select file dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure 1.40.

Finally, select the image to be added and click Add to Add the image. The added image is displayed in the project folder.

Note: In addition to the image adding method described above, there is also a drag method. The procedure is as follows:

Open the folder where the helloworldproject and logo.png are located, as shown in Figure 1.41.

Then, drag the logo.png image to the project folder of the HelloWorld project, and release the Choose options for adding these files: dialog box, as shown in 1.42.

Finally, click finish to add the image logo.png to the project folder of the HelloWorld project.

Note:The Icon size of iOS 9 must be 120*120 pixels.

(2) Click to open the Info. plist file in the project folder, add an Icon files, and enter the image added to the project folder in the Value of the drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 1.43.

Run the program. After returning to the main interface of the iOS simulator, the result shown in 1.44 is displayed.

Ios9 application real machine test

In Xcode 7.0, Apple made a lot of changes in the Development Permission and removed some restrictions on app testing. In versions earlier than Xcode7, apple only provides Xcode downloading and real-machine testing functions to developers with registered developer accounts ($99). However, in Xcode 7.0, developers do not need to register a paid developer account. If they are interested, they can use a free Apple ID to test the app on their devices for free.

Next, we will explain how to perform a real machine test in Xcode 7.0. First, choose Product | Destination | real machine on the menu bar (the real machine in this book is a Mac iPhone) command, as shown in Figure 1.45. Then, when you run the program again, the program will be displayed on the real machine, rather than in the iOS simulator.


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