IOS 9.1 Mac version of the perfect jailbreak graphics tutorial

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"notice before Escape"

The computer system needs Mac OS X (10.8) or above;

1. Please back up your equipment data before escaping from the prison to avoid loss

2. This jailbreak is compatible with 64-bit iOS 9.1 devices (that is, the iphone 5S, ipad mini2 ipad Air and above; iOS 9.2.1 doesn't support this jailbreak)

3.OTA upgraded Apple device, it is recommended to turn off looking for the iphone before escaping, and then reset the iOS device in full (please do not use itunes to recover, will be promoted to 9.2.1 system after recovery)

4. Please quit your computer's itunes and Xcode when you jailbreak;

5. During the jailbreak process, please keep the computer and iOS9 equipment can be normal access to the network to ensure that the equipment itself is adequate;

 Warm tips:

When opening the jailbreak tool, if you cannot open the PP jailbreak assistant without opening the PP jailbreak assistant because it came from an unidentified developer, you can use the preferences set on your Mac system to work as follows:

① turn on "System Preferences"-"security and privacy"

② in "GENERIC"-"Allow applications downloaded from the following location"-Select any source (if Gray is not selectable before changing the lock in the lower left corner, enter the password to unlock before you can change it); Restart the jailbreak tool.

  "Jailbreak Graphics Tutorial"

First, before the prison operation:

1. Be sure to "set"-"ICloud"-close "Find My iphone" before escaping

2. Be sure to "set" in the device-"TouchID and password"-"Close password" before jailbreak

Second, start jailbreak operation:

1. Open the PP jailbreak assistant, identify the Apple device and click "One key Jailbreak"

2. Please read the "Jailbreak notice", click "I have backed up" into the next step

3. Pangu Jailbreak tool is breaking the device, when the prompt "Please open flight mode", please open the Apple device flight mode, the PP jailbreak tool will continue to escape

Open the flight mode of the device

4. Pangu Jailbreak tool to "Please unlock the device, click on the desktop < Pangu > icon", please open the Apple device, click on the screen "Pangu" icon

5. Pangu Escape tool is for the device to escape, please be patient to prompt "escape success"

Warm tip: After prison break children's shoes, please first run on the Apple Equipment Cydia, to Cydia after the completion of the loading, and then run a PP assistant jailbreak version, according to the hint of installation of the patch, you can install a mass of applications OH

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