IOS about ipad iphone5s crash resolution

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I've never been here before. The above two test machines were then posted back. said that the two of the opening action on the collapse.

There is only one workaround in this case, which is to reproduce the bug, otherwise you simply cannot determine if it is safe to commit again. So I borrowed one.

The IPad Mini 7.1.1 is configured just like the return instructions.

Test the bug sure enough. Same as the crash description.

Third party library Baidu map that piece has a problem.

After various debugging, I refer to the user blog to add the following comparison chart

1. Copy the API's Libs folder to your application project and directory 2. In Xcode, Project---Edit Active Target, Build, linking, other Linke Add -OBJC in the R flags

3. Set the link path to the static library, and add your static library to the library search paths such as "$ (srcroot)/. /libs/release$ (effective_platform_name) ", $ (SRCROOT) macro represents your project file directory, $ (effective_platform_name) The macro represents whether the current configuration is OS or simulator and then it's OK. there's a better way to keep up with it now.
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