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1: Get the font file

Download font files from a variety of sources TTF, website or from other IPA. (Take Fzltxh.ttf as an example)

2: Copy the Fzltxh.ttf file to the project

3: Add items to Info.plist:

Fonts provided by Application (uiappfonts) can add one or more item,

such as ITEM0--Fzltxh.ttf

4: Find the Real font name:

Because using fonts, you use the real name of the font instead of the filename, you can use the following code to traverse the font name available for the current device.

and find out the real name of the font you just added.

Nsarray*familynames = [Uifont familynames];

For (Nsstring*familyname in familynames)


printf ("Family:%s \ n", [Familyname utf8string]);

Nsarray*fontnames = [Uifont fontnamesforfamilyname:familyname];

For (Nsstring*fontname in FontNames)


printf ("\tfont:%s \ n", [FontName utf8string]);


Fzltxhk--gbk1-0 This is the real use name for this font.

5: Using Fonts

[Uifont fontwithname:@ "fzltxhk--gbk1-0" size:fontsize];

6: Uniform replacement

If you want to replace the old project font as a whole, and do not want to change the existing code, you can rewrite

Systemfontofsize method.


@interfaceUIFont (tjcustom)

+ (Uifont *) Systemfontofsize: (cgfloat) fontsize;


#import "Uifont+custom.h"

@implementationUIFont (Tjcustom)

+ (Uifont *) Systemfontofsize: (cgfloat) fontsize


return[uifont fontwithname:@ "fzltxhk--gbk1-0" size:fontsize];



In this case, originally written

The Systemfontofsize method replaces the new method, thus achieving the overall substitution effect.

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