IOS-Apple Health Architecture & HealthKit-based health data editing

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Recent corporate needs have studied the week-long Apple health architecture, including data research, reporting and HEALTHKIT.FRAMEWORK-API, which is continuing. At this point, the main recognition of 2 points: the Apple health and health architecture design and implementation principles, Apple SDK design and language development norms.

For the majority of people who know less about health applications and interested developers have less effective reference, it is briefly introduced. To help understand the use of this feature, so that individuals through the mobile phone reasonable and effective management of personal health. At the same time, for interested developers, quickly understand the framework composition and development ideas. The following is the main Apple architecture and the content of the application:

1. Apple Health Architecture

After Apple IOS8, the HealthKit Health application platform is available and is equipped with health applications to collect, manage, and analyze personal health and fitness data. Users directly see the apple comes with the software, through this can edit, view personal health data.

For users, the use of health applications do the following:


 (1). Set Personal Data permissions

True whether third-party health apps are allowed to read goods from healthy apps to write data

(2). Edit and view personal health and fitness data in the Health app

The data sources for healthy apps can be mobile phones, health apps themselves, smart devices, and third-party apps.

A. Mobile: Users do not need to operate, automatically obtain relevant data (by acquiring the phone's own sensor), and then into the motion data

B. Health applications: Users need to operate, for example, height, weight and other data can be hand key input

C. Smart devices: Users need to operate, connect with the mobile phone matching intelligent sports or medical equipment, access to their data

D. Third-party apps: users need to operate and switch the source of data in a health app.

(3). Sharing data with medical institutions

Main uses:

A. Individual user permission to share personal health data to a medical institution for a fuller understanding of the health of the individual

B. For personal permission, share health data for medical research.

For developers, you can read and write data to healthy applications

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2. HealthKit-based health data editing

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IOS-Apple Health Architecture & HealthKit-based health data editing

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