iOS case: Read the list of files in the specified directory

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////main.m//read the list of files in the specified directory////Created by Apple on 15/11/24.//copyright©2015 year Apple. All rights reserved.///** Read the list of files in the specified directory*/#import<Foundation/Foundation.h>voidMyquickmethod ();intMainintargcConst Char*argv[]) {    //File Manipulation ObjectsNsfilemanager *manager =[Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager]; //Folder pathNSString *home = [@"~"Stringbyexpandingtildeinpath];//root directory folder//Directory iteratorsNsdirectoryenumerator *direnum =[manager Enumeratoratpath:home]; //create a new array that holds individual file pathsNsmutablearray *files = [Nsmutablearray arraywithcapacity: the]; //Traverse directory iterators to get individual file pathsNSString *filename;  while(filename =[Direnum Nextobject]) {        if([[FileName pathextension] Isequalto:@"jpg"]) {//filter out files with file suffix named jpg[Files Addobject:filename]; }} NSLog (@"%lu", [Files Count]); //iterating through an array, outputting a listNsenumerator *enume =[Files Objectenumerator];  while(filename =[Enume Nextobject]) {NSLog (@"%@", filename); }    //Myquickmethod ();    return 0;}//use Quick enumeration to implementvoidMyquickmethod () {//File Manipulation ObjectsNsfilemanager *manager =[Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager]; //The path to the folder you are looking forNSString *home = [@"~"Stringbyexpandingtildeinpath]; //Directory iteratorsNsdirectoryenumerator *direnum =[manager Enumeratoratpath:home]; //Quick EnumerationNsmutablearray *files = [Nsmutablearray arraywithcapacity: the];  for(NSString *filenameinchdirenum) {        if([[FileName pathextension] Isequalto:@"jpg"]) {[Files addobject:filename]; }} NSLog (@"%lu", [Files Count]); //Fast enumeration, output results     for(NSString *filenameinchfiles) {NSLog (@"%@", filename); }}

iOS case: Read the list of files in the specified directory

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