Ios development and learning accumulation: 20161027 ~ 20161028,2016102720161028

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Ios development and learning accumulation: 20161027 ~ 20161028,2016102720161028


Learn about ios over the past few days and summarize the definition and call of functions. It is different from other languages;

It is particularly important to use and judge the iteration of objects, to obtain random numbers, to achieve animation, and to study arrays in depth.

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Ios development and learning accumulation: 20161024 ~ 20161026:



Differences between ib and storyboard Development

After reading ib development and storyboard development, xcode replaced nib with storyboard from ios6.

More code is written by ib, And the storyboard code is concise.

The following articles are very detailed.


Comparison between IB development and pure-handed code development: (understanding of Niu of Meituan Network)


Differences between nib, xib, and storyboard in iOS and the loading process of storyboard:


Xib open in xcode8:


In iOS, the table view cell events are summarized in two ways: nib and storyboard:


Detailed description of xib Nib visual programming:




Today, you can buy a new version of apple's laptop.

Yesterday, I was very eager for pure code programming. I suddenly felt that if I could not understand pure code-writing projects, it would not be a breeze.

Download a pure code version of a large open-source project from github. I can't understand a word. Fortunately, the program can run.

Only the MVC framework is used... Big Head...

Then I will go to Baidu...

Now I only have pure code, pure code, and pure .......

Do not use storyboard if you do not want to learn it again.

Many people say that large projects basically use pure code programming. We can see that Daniel works in combination.

I 've gone through the ios development books of the old version. Many books are about the support control...


On the iOS development interface, is it more popular to use IB for development or just hand writing? :

Http://! Article/MobileDev/1764492814? P = 1



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