iOS Framework Introduction

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iOS Framework Introduction Cocoa TouchGamekitEnable Game Center support to allow users to share their game-related information onlineBluetooth data transfer between iOS devices expires from iOS7 LAN game to provide an ad bar in the app to merge with the user UI view, with Apple'sThe IAD service works together to automatically process, load, and render rich media ads and respond to clicks on those banners for all relevant work. Http://                         ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                                                            ,         &N Bsp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          Mapkit Map ToolCustomizing the content and appearance of the map, pin annotations, line support for editing mail and SMS messages in your appCompose an e-mail message and put it into the user's Outbox queue to send the framework to provide an SMS compose panel controller. It allows you to create and edit SMS information directly in the application (without leaving the application)UIKit provides a critical foundation for graphics and event-driven applications. Features include: basic application management and infrastructure, including the application's main loop, user interface management, including support for storyboards and nib files, a view controller mode for encapsulating user UI content, standard system views and control objects, and support for handling touch and motion events Support includes document mode with icloud integrated function; document-based APP Programming Guide for IOS Graphics and window support, including support for external displays; View Programming Guide for IOSMulti-tasking support; printing support; Drawing and Printing Guide for IOSCustomize the appearance of standard Uikit control, support text and Web content, cut, copy, paste support, animate UI, ability to integrate with other applications provided by URL semantics and framework interface, support for accessibility of accessible users, support Applepush Notification Service; Local and Remote Notification programming GuideLocal notification scheduling and submission; Local and Remote Notification programming GuidePDF creation; Support for customizing user input views like system keyboard behavior, support for creating customized text views that interact with system keyboards, and support for sharing content through Email,twitter, Facebook and other services. also supports integration of some device-specific functions, such as 1, built-in cameras, 2, user's picture library, 3, device name and mode information, 4, battery status information, 5, Proximity sensor information, 6, remote control information from the accessory headset internal various introduction dean19900504/article/details/7995118 Media Layer Coreimage provides a non-destructive way (the original image is not changed) operation video and still imagesProvides a powerful set of built-in filters that are used in many ways, such as touch bounce, corrective images, and face and feature detection (coreimage just process images, not view drawing and rendering, difference CG,GL, etc.) picture filters 2015-02-13/2823961-core-imageThe ImageIO provides an interface for input and output image data and image metadata. The framework leverages Coregraphics data types and features, and supports all available standard image types on iOS. You can use this framework to access EXIF and IPTC metadata properties. Image progressive Display (SD correspondence function principle) core Cgimagesource class belongs to ImageIO, and CG is used togetherassetslibrary User Resource Library, Access user's pictures, videos and media. Provides a query interface to find user photos and data. You can access your saved albums and pictures or videos you've imported into your device, or you can save your photos or videos to your users ' albums. Multi-image selection of albums is designed for photo albums and is more flexible and efficient than assetslibraryPhoto Album Frame Special provides an object-oriented interface to the OpenGL ES Framework, and OpenGL is a cross-platform open-source framework for Software graphics acceleration, high-quality compression, etc. in embedded devicesThis framework is often used for game development core drawing, including Quartz 2D drawing API Interface Quartzis a vector drawing engine used by Mac OS x systems that supports path-based drawing, antialiasing rendering, gradients, pictures, colors, coordinate space transformations, creation, display, and parsing of PDF files. Although the API is based on the C language, it uses object-based abstractions to represent basic drawing objects, which makes it easier for developers to save and reuse image content graphics programming topics contains core animation interface, mainly used for animation Core Animationis a high-level animation and blending technology that uses optimized render paths for complex animations and visual effects. It provides an advanced OBJECTIVE-C interface to configure the animation effect and then render it in the device hardware to improve program performance. The Core animation framework is integrated into many parts of iOS, including many classes in the Uikit framework, such as UIView), you can animate a variety of system behaviors. Developers can also use the Objective-c interface in the framework to create custom animations directly. provides hardware-accelerated animation systems for 2d and 2.5d gamesSpritekit provides the basics for most games, including a graphics engine and animation system, sound playback support, and a physical simulation engine. The content is organized into scenes in the Sprite Kit application. A scene includes texture objects, video, path graphics, core image filters, and other effects. Spritekit use these objects to determine the most efficient way to screen these objects. When it comes to animating content in the scene, you can use Spritekit to explicitly specify the actions you want to perform or use the physical emulation engine to define physical behavior for those objects (such as gravity, gravity, or draining forces). In addition to the Spritekit framework, there are other xcode tools to create particle emission effects and texture maps. You can use the Xcode tool to manage application resources and to quickly update the sprite kit scene. Http:// is a cross-platform standard used to provide positional sound (stereoscopic) in your application. Multi-game for multi-channel three-dimensional position effect performance, the interface can be used in the game and other applications that require location audio output to achieve high-performance, high-quality sound.  Because OpenAL is a cross-platform standard, code written in iOS using OpenAL can easily be ported to many other platforms. game controllerDiscover and configure game controllers for Iphone/ipod/ipad devices. The game controller can be physically connected to an iOS device or wirelessly connected via Bluetooth. Gamecontroller Framework notifies your app when the controller is available let the app specify which controller input is relevant to your app. support for application playback of video and audio contentUse the standard system interface to play video, support full screen and small window video playback add support for itunes library, play music tracks, playlists, Search for songs and display the media selection interface to users with optional playback controls and a number of additional interfaces to support configuring and managing movie PlaybackAvfoundation provides advanced support for managing sound and video playback and recording,Features include media resource management, media editing, movie capture, movie playback, track management, media item metadata management, stereo panning, precise synchronization of different sounds, judging sound file details, and more. Custom Player article/details/20403025 MP vs AV: Highly encapsulated, unable to customize the player, avfoundation can be, more flexible and lower level; MP does not provide video recording function AV/MP contrast third-party framework: Supported formats less third-party framework VLC FFmpeg surveillance/Live streaming HLS protocol  Http:// settings for subtitles in media filesManages the display of subtitle (closed-caption) content in media files. By combining the framework with settings, you can enable users to turn on the display of captions and set caption styles.The CoreAudio Framework provides a C-language interface that can be used to manipulate stereo audioThe frame can be used to access the vibration function of the device (Devices that support vibration). Switch HTTP://WWW.TUICOOL.COM/ARTICLES/YVNAJB for speaker handset modeCorevideo provides buffering and buffer pool support for the core media framework. Most applications never use the framework directly.Coretext provides a simple, high-performance c-based interface for layout and font processing of textProvides a complete text layout engine that allows you to manage the placement of text on the screen. The text you manage can also use different fonts and rendering properties. Used in scenes that do not use textkit but still want to get advanced text processing in word processing applications, Nsattributedstring's predecessor, graphic provides iOS in-purchase interfaceProvides support for purchasing content and services in iOS apps, or unlocking the paid content section Core ServicesNewsstandkitprovides users with a central location to read magazines and newspapersPublishers who want to provide magazine and newspaper content through newsstand can use the framework to create their own iOS apps, allowing users to launch background downloads of new magazines and newspaper News.  After the download is initiated, the system processes the download operation and notifies the app when the content is available. Http:// new contacts and edit and select existing contacts in the system contacts an identification of the access app for advertising functions. The framework also provides a flag that indicates whether the user chooses to track the ad. This flag is required and judged by the application before attempting to access the advertising logo.Accounts user account Database-Single sign-on for iOS native supportIOS5 start iOS native support part of the social platform single sign-on, if the user set up a platform account in the settings, then the app code in the accounts framework and corresponding platform, you can direct single sign-on Operation 1866659 Advantages: No Web Form token system settings account can sync nickname & Avatar disadvantage: Native support only some platforms must use a specific API for network requests (Slrequest social.framework) Social provide a simple interface to access the user's social media account the framework replaces the Twitter framework and adds other social accounts, packages Facebook, Sina Weibo, and other apps can use the framework to submit status updates and images to user accounts. This framework, together with the accounts framework, provides users with single sign-on and ensures that access to user accounts is permitted.multipeerconnectivity for connections between iOS devices, introduced from IOS7 (replacing the Gamekit Bluetooth transmission module), primarily for file sharing (sandbox-only files)Provides a complete text layout engine that allows you to manage the placement of text on the screen. The text you manage can also use different fonts and rendering properties.many features of the Foundation Core Foundation Framework provide OBJECTIVE-C encapsulationFeatures: Group data types (arrays, collections, etc.), package, string management, date and time management, raw data block management, preference management, URL and data flow operations, threading and Runloop;bonjour, communication port management, internationalization, regular expression matching, cache support/HTTP/
   coredata iOS Framework for database technology           Management model-View-controller Application Data model technology, which applies to the data model already highly structured applications this framework does not require programmatic definition of data structures, but rather constructs a chart that represents the data model through the graphical tools provided by Xcode. While the program is running, the Core data framework creates and manages instances of the model, while also providing a data model access interface to the outside. Managing your application's data model with core data can greatly reduce the amount of code you need to write. In addition, Core data has the following characteristics: Storing object data in an SQLite database for performance optimizations. Provide NSFetchedResultsControllerClass is used to manage the data for a table view. Manage Undo/redo operations. Property value validation Support. Supports propagation of data changes without altering the association between objects.  Supports the collation, filtering, and management of data in memory. Passkit Interface for application Passbook system application
Passbook provides a place to store orders, boarding cards, tickets, and business discount cards, instead of physically carrying these things. The coupons are created by the app's own Web service and submitted to the user's device via email, Safari, or custom apps. The e-ticket itself uses a special file format, signed before submission, signed to the Developer Center application, payment through QR Code and merchant interaction needs application support, is an iOS official NFC solution, providing the ability to automatically remind coupons such as the arrival of the merchant location/HTTP/ Safari Services provides an interface for apps to add URLs to Safari bookmarks
QuickLook Preview cannot directly support viewing the file content for some unknown formats, we can generally open through webview, such as PDF, Doc, docx, xls, xlsx, PPT,   TXT and some common picture formats Quicklook Framework can do the above WebView function (OSX on the space preview, Xcode image plugin display bundle picture), through the form of preview, better than WebView performance and support adaptation, jump page and select app Open and so on C-language iOS network frameworkCompared with connection, the session is more flexible, the implementation of ASI is based on cfnetwork Eventkit Calendar Event UI Framework provides an interface for calendar events that access user devices
You can add new events by accessing existing events in the user's calendar through the framework. Calendar events can contain alarms, and alarm activation rules can be configured iOS positioning frameworkYou can use the hardware of your device to calculate the user's location by using information such as a nearby GPs, cellular base station, or WiFi signal. The maps application uses this feature to display the user's current location on a map. This technique can be combined into an application to provide orientation information to the user. For example, an application can search for a nearby restaurant, store, or other facility based on the user's current location.Mobile Core Services FrameworkDefines the common type identifier (the low-level type used in UTIs. Many APIs are private, such as Lsapplicationworkspace get all the installation apps for the system Telephony provides interfaces for interacting with information related to cellular communication (mobile traffic)Use this framework to obtain information about a user's cellular service provider. Applications that are interested in cellular call events, such as VoIP applications, can also be notified when those events occur. Jailbreak, you can listen to the call information Motion provides a set of interfaces to access motion data available on the deviceThe framework supports the use of a new set of block-based interfaces to access raw and processed accelerometer data. For devices with gyroscopes, you can also obtain data on the original gyroscope data and the direction and rotational speed of the processed reaction device. You can use both accelerometer and gyroscope data in games or other applications that use motion as input or as a way to enhance the user experience.   For devices with step-count hardware, you can access its data to track health-related movements. Sensor Pedometer (IOS8 can be used directly after HealthKit) 24696689 interface to provide health and fitness data for your applicationHealthKit manages data obtained from different sources and automatically merges all data from different sources based on user preferences. HealthKit can also work directly with health and fitness equipment HTTP://WWW.CSDN.NET/ARTICLE/2015-01-23/2823686-HEALTHKIT-TUTORIAL-WITH-SWIFT/1JavaScriptCore provides objective-c language encapsulation for many standard JavaScript objectsUsing the framework to execute JavaScript code and parse the JSON data is only based on a wrapper in the javascriptcore of the WebKit, which was implemented in C + +, before iOS7 Apple introduced the framework, Many developers will also be self-webkit library into the project compiled using compared to WebView oc&js intermodulation more flexible, including data type/method conversion, monitoring JS call exception, etc. Introduction-to-ios7-javascriptcore-framework.html JavaScriptCore-based Oc&js intermodulation Article/details/47058101Corefoundation c-based interface that provides basic data management and service capabilities for iOS appsFeatures include: Collection data types (arrays, collections, etc.), application packaging bundles, string management, date and time management preferences management of raw data blocks, URL and flow operations, threads, The foundation framework, such as port and socket communication, is closely related to the Corefoundation framework and provides a OBJECTIVE-C interface for the same basic functions. When you need to mix the foundation object and the core foundation type, you can take advantage of the "toll-freebridging" that exists between the two frameworks. Toll-Free bridging "means that you can swap some corefoundation and foundation types in the methods and functions of the two frameworks. This support is available for many data types, including collections and string data types. The class and type description for each frame declares whether an object is toll-freebridged and, in the case of a condition, identifies what object it is connected to.SystemConfiguration interfaces that can be used to determine the network configuration of a deviceYou can use it to determine the network configuration of your device, and you can use it to determine whether a Wi-Fi or cellular connection is in use and whether a particular host server can access iOS open source reachability framework is based on this framework sanpintian/article/details/7642756 Media FrameworkProvides the underlying media type used by the AV Foundation framework. Most applications never need to use the framework, but few developers who need more precise control over the creation and presentation of audio and video content can use it. Core OSAccelerate acceleration vector calculationAcceleration Framework, which contains the C API for vector and matrix operations, large numbers and DSP (digital signal Processing) operations and image processing two core library veclib (vector vectors) and vimage (image processing) vimage application: iOS glass effect four implementations of HTTP// vimage convolution algorithm vimageboxconvolve_ ARGB8888 Most reliable coreimage filter CPU rendering, low efficiency time-consuming uiblureffect iOS8 new features gpuimage speed and effect are not good, but the CPU consumes less http://www . for third-party Bluetooth device interaction, but Bluetooth devices must be certified by Apple MFI (less in the country)
Corebluetooth (nowadays popular) can be used for third-party Bluetooth device interactionMust support Bluetooth 4.0 hardware at least 4s, the system is at least IOS6 Bluetooth 4.0 is known for low power consumption, usually called ble (bluetooth lower energy) is currently used in more cases: sports hand bad, embedded devices, smart homeSecurity FrameworkIn addition to the built-in safety features, IThe OS also provides a clear security framework (security.framework) that you can use to keep your application-managed data secure. The framework provides interfaces for managing certificates, public and private keys, and trust policies. Supports generating cryptographic security pseudo-random codes. It also supports saving certificates and encrypting keys in keychain (a secure repository for storing sensitive user data). The Public cryptographic Library provides additional support such as symmetric encryption, hash authentication coding (HMACS), and digital signatures, which are inherently compatible with the OpenSSL libraries that are not available on iOS. It is possible to share keychain between multiple apps that you create. Sharing makes it easy to collaborate more smoothly between the same set of apps. For example, you can use this feature to share user passwords or other elements, or you might want to prompt the user for each app. In order to share data between apps, you must configure the appropriate permissions for each app's Xcode project. RSA Encryption Http:// Security topic Security Services FrameworkThe Genericsecurity Services Framework (GSS.FRAMEWORK) provides a standard set of security-related services for iOS apps. The basic interface of the framework is defined in the IETFRFC2743 andRFC4401. In addition to providing a standard interface, iOS includes some additional things that are not required in the standards but are required by many applications to manage certificates.System FrameworkThe system layer includes kernel environment, driver and operating system underlying UNIX interface. The kernel is based on Mach, which is responsible for all aspects of the operating system, including managing the system's virtual memory, threads, file systems, networks, and interprocess communication. This layer contains the drivers that are the interface of the system hardware and the system framework. For security reasons, the kernel and the driver only allow access to a few system frameworks and applications. Apps can use the iOS-provided LibSystemLibrary access to a variety of operating system underlying functions. LibSystemThe library interface is based on the C language and provides support for the following features: threading (POSIX GCD), network (BSD sockets), File system access, standard I/o,bonjour and DNS services, zone information, memory allocation, math calculation more information http://blog.csdn . net/iukey/article/details/7666482

iOS Framework Introduction

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