ios--Navigation bar Style

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Push Back button style:

Uibarbuttonitem *item = [[Uibarbuttonitem alloc] Initwithtitle:@ ""  Style:uibarbuttonitemstyleplain Target:nil Action:nil];     = item;     = [Uicolor graycolor];    [Self.navigationitem Sethidesbackbutton:yes];

Free Click event:

// User Agreement jump    UITapGestureRecognizer *labeltapgesturerecognizer = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initwithtarget:self action:@ Selector (Labelclick)];         // 2. Add the Click event to the label     [self. Userrate Addgesturerecognizer:labeltapgesturerecognizer];     // can be understood as setting the label can be clicked

Create left and right navigation bar buttons, search with personal center:

//create left and right navigation bar buttons, search and personal centerSelf.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem = [[Uibarbuttonitem alloc] initwithimage:[self scaletosize:[uiimage imagenamed :@"Sousuo.png"] Size:cgsizemake ( -,19.6)] Style:uibarbuttonitemstyleplain target:self action: @selector (Actionleft:)]; Self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem= [[Uibarbuttonitem alloc] initwithimage:[self scaletosize:[uiimage imagenamed:@"Persons.png"] Size:cgsizemake ( -, -)] Style:uibarbuttonitemstyleplain target:self action: @selector (actionright:)];//Navigation bar Personal Information button-(void) Actionright: (ID) send{NSLog (@"Skip to the Personal center page"); Personalviewcontroller*personalview = [Self.storyboard instantiateviewcontrollerwithidentifier:@"Personalview"]; [Self.navigationcontroller Pushviewcontroller:personalview Animated:personalview];}//Navigation Bar Search button click event-(void) Actionleft: (ID) send{NSLog (@"jump to the search page"); Searchviewcontroller*search = [Self.storyboard instantiateviewcontrollerwithidentifier:@"Search"];    [Self.navigationcontroller Pushviewcontroller:search Animated:search]; }//Set Picture size-(UIImage *) Scaletosize: (UIImage *) img Size: (cgsize) size{//Create a bitmap context//and set it to the context that is currently being useduigraphicsbeginimagecontext (size); //draw a picture that changes size[img Drawinrect:cgrectmake (0,0, Size.width, Size.Height)]; //create a resized picture from the current contextuiimage* Scaledimage =Uigraphicsgetimagefromcurrentimagecontext (); //make the current context out of the stackUigraphicsendimagecontext (); //returns the new resized image    returnscaledimage;}

ios--Navigation bar Style

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