IOS Refresh TableView method

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Refresh UITableView

Methods: [Self.tableview Reloaddata];

Reloaddata is refreshing the entire uitableview, and sometimes we may need to refresh it locally. For example: Just refresh a cell, refresh only one section, and so on. This time in the call Reloaddata method, although the user can not see, but some waste resources.

Refresh Local cell

Method: Nsindexpath *indexpath = [Nsindexpath indexpathforrow:0 insection:0];

[Self.tableview Reloadrowsatindexpaths:[nsarray Arraywithobjects:indexpath,nil] WithRowAnimation: Uitableviewrowanimationfade];

This makes it easy to refresh the first cell of the first section. Although it looks like a lot of code, it does save resources. As few refreshes as possible, it is also an optimization of UITableView.

Partial Refresh section

Nsindexset *indexset = [[Nsindexset alloc] initwithindex:0];

[Self.tableview Reloadsections:indexset Withrowanimation:uitableviewrowanimationfade];

The above code is a No. 0 section refresh.

Refresh Animations

There are several animations to refresh UITableView:

typedef ns_enum (Nsinteger, uitableviewrowanimation) {

Uitableviewrowanimationfade,//Fade in

Uitableviewrowanimationright,//Slide right-in//slide

Uitableviewrowanimationleft,//slide in from left

Uitableviewrowanimationtop,//slide in from the top

Uitableviewrowanimationbottom,//slipped in from

Uitableviewrowanimationnone,//Available in IOS 3.0

Uitableviewrowanimationmiddle,//Available in IOS 3.2. Attempts to keep cell centered in the space it will/did occupy

Uitableviewrowanimationautomatic = +//Available in IOS 5.0. Chooses an appropriate animation style for you


IOS Refresh TableView method

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