IOS uses instruments's leaks tool to find memory leaks in specific locations

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Encounter this similar [xx retain]: message sent to deallocated instance, the problem.

Using the method (Command + Shift + B) to analyze the memory leaks is no longer sufficient.

Using instruments's leaks tool to detect memory leaks during app runs can save you a lot of development costs.

The steps are as follows:


The shortcut key (Command + Control + I) directly brings up the instruments tool, such as (inside the red box):

After selection, the display interface is as follows:

The above is the preparatory work, the next start debugging.

1. Select Xcode and use the shortcut key (Command + R) to keep the simulator running;

2. Select Xcode, shortcut key (Command + Control + I), let leaks in the running state;

3.leaks is dynamic monitoring, we need to manually operate the app while observing leaks changes;

Where a red Cross or red pillar appears, that is the location of the memory leak detected;

Click on the top left corner of the second button (in the Circle box), you can pause detection, you can continue to detect, there are multiple leaks, one-time processing;

4. Select the ① arrow Leaks, then select the ② arrow, select the 3 location call Tree, and then modify the 4 position settings

5. Select a row to jump to the problem code.

IOS uses instruments's leaks tool to find the exact location of the memory leak

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