iOS variables are defined in. h or. m

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<span id="Label3">Objective<pre><code>以前我定义变量一直都是定义在.h文件中,后来看别人的代码,发现很多人都把一些变量定义在.m文件中。后来我自己试了一把,发现变量既可以定义在.h文件中也可以定义在.m文件中,虽然这是个很小的问题,或许有些人会说既然都可以,那不随你定义在哪里喔,但是我一直觉得肯定会有区别的,后来我终于找到了一个能说服我的解释了。</code></pre>The variables are defined in The. h file<pre><code>@interface BaseTableViewController : BaseNavViewController{ UIView *backgroud; UIActivityIndicatorView *activity; UIImageView *imageNonet; UILabel *labError; UILabel *labRetry; }</code></pre>II. variables defined in. m files<pre><code>@interface BaseTableViewController (){ UIView *backgroud; UIActivityIndicatorView *activity; UIImageView *imageNonet; UILabel *labError; UILabel *labRetry;}</code></pre><p>In fact, these two definitions are not problematic in terms of wording, but they are problematic from the code Specification.<br>The. h file generally puts some externally exposed variables or methods, whereas. m files generally put some of their own private variables and METHODS. For example, we want to write an SDK for others to call, we put the written code into a static library, the caller can only see The. h file, then I will need to pass in the input variables and call methods written in The. H File. For some variables or methods that are not relevant to the caller and we need it ourselves, we can put them in The. m file. In fact, the popular saying is that the external public variables or methods are defined in The. h file, the internal-private variables or methods are defined in The. m file.</p><p>iOS variables are defined in. h or. m</p></span>

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