IOS version wps WiFi file transfer Three steps to import a file into a mobile device

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When mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets become the necessities in people's life, how to connect computers with mobile devices easily and realize file sharing becomes an urgent problem. The file transfer feature software is numerous, but the quick completion of this operation on Apple devices is about the new WiFi file transfer feature in the iOS version of WPS Office.

The itunes transfer file requires the use of a data cable to connect the computer to the mobile device. Use the network disk and need to log in. With WiFi file transfer, just connect WiFi, and open the mobile device's web address on your computer to transfer the computer's local files to the WPS Office folder on your mobile device. Here is a detailed introduction to this feature.

The first step is to open the folder into the File Management page in WPS Office, click on the WiFi flag in the upper-right corner and choose to turn on the WiFi file transfer feature. According to the prompts, the computer and mobile devices in the same LAN, and note the URL of the hint.

The second step is to type the Web site into your computer's browser to see the documents in the WPS Office folder in your mobile device, and to add documents to this folder.

The third step is to select the files to upload locally on the computer.

Finally, the document uploaded successfully, you can see the mobile device WPS, the directory has just uploaded the document. As long as there is WiFi, file transfer is not a problem, is the best way to use. Is it convenient?

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