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Weather application Explanation Request parameters

Q: Indicates location (can give city name, or direct to city latitude and longitude) example: q=beijing

Example q=48.834,2.394 num_of_days: Number of days to forecast

Example: num_of_days=2 TP: Weather forecast every few hours

Example: Tp=1; Tp=3 (default); tp=6; tp=12; Tp=24 key: Key after successful registration

Example: key=61dcb484acc1f6cfb08aad9c4ac3d939 format: Returning data formats

Example: Format=json

The final request Api:


Explanation return JSON data display content

1. "Current_condition": return to the current temperature, wind speed and other information

"Cloudcover": Percentage of cloud coverage (in percent)

"Feelslikec": Body temperature (unit: Celsius)

"FEELSLIKEF": Body Sense temperature (unit: Fahrenheit: F=CX9/5+32)

"Humidity": Current moderate percentage (unit: Percentage)

"Observation_time": Observation Time (UTC time, world unification/Standard Time, utc+0800= Beijing time)

"PRECIPMM": Precipitation (unit: MM)

"Pressure": Barometric pressure (unit: MPa)

"Temp_c": Current temperature (unit: Celsius)

"Temp_f": Current temperature (unit: Fahrenheit: F=CX9/5+32)

"Visibility": Visibility (unit: km)

"Weathercode": Current Weather conditions code (Sunny/Cloudy/)

Link: "weatherdesc": Weather conditions description

"Weathericonurl": Weather icon URL

"Winddir16point": Wind Direction (North Wind: N East Wind: E South Wind: S westerly: W)

"Winddirdegree": Wind Direction "windspeedkmph": Wind speed (unit: km/h) "Windspeedmiles": Wind speed (in miles per hour)

2. "Request": Displays the requested parameter "query": Requested location information

' type ': the requested location type

3. "Weather": Displays weather conditions for days after forecast (depending on num_of_days assignment)

"Astronomy": Displays the current sunrise, sunset, Moonrise, and Moonset time (type: Array), "date": Forecast/Forecast Time

"Hourly": shows the hourly weather conditions (Type: Array)

"Chanceoffog": Fog Probability (unit: percentage)

"Chanceoffrost": Frost Chance (Unit: percentage)

"Chanceofhightemp": High Temperature Chance (unit: percentage)

"Chanceofovercast": Cloudy/Cloudy Odds (units: percent)

"Chanceofrain": Chance of Rain (in percent)

"Chanceofremdry": Drying chance (in percent)

"Chanceofsnow": Snow Chance (in percent)

"Chanceofsunshine": Chance of Sunny days (in percent)

"Chanceofthunder": Thunder Chance (Unit: percentage)

"Chanceofwindy": Wind Chance (unit: percentage)

"Cloudcover": Cloud Coverage (units: percent)

"DEWPOINTC": Water condensation temperature (unit: Celsius)

"dewpointf": Water condensation temperature (unit: Fahrenheit)

"Feelslikec": Body temperature (unit: Celsius)

"FEELSLIKEF": Body Sense temperature (unit: Fahrenheit)

"Heatindexc": Heat index (unit: Celsius)

"HEATINDEXF": Heat index (unit: Fahrenheit)

"Humidity": Humidity (unit: percentage)

"PRECIPMM": Precipitation (unit: MM)

"Pressure": Barometric pressure (unit: MPa)

"TEMPC": Predicted temperature (unit: Celsius)

"Tempf": Predicted temperature (unit: Fahrenheit)

"Time": Local times (format: hmm; example: 100 or 1500)

"Visibility": Visibility (unit: km)

"Weathercode": Description of the Weather Code ( "Weatherdesc": Weather description information

"Weathericonurl": Weather icon URL

"WINDCHILLC": Cold Wind temperature (unit: Celsius)

"WINDCHILLF": Cold Wind temperature (unit: Fahrenheit)

"Winddir16point": Wind Direction (North Wind: N East Wind: E South Wind: S westerly: W) "Winddirdegree": Wind Direction degree (unit: degrees)

"windgustkmph": Gust Wind speed (unit: km/h)

"Windgustmiles": Gust Wind Speed (unit: miles per hour)

"windspeedkmph": Wind speed (unit: km/h)

"Windspeedmiles": Wind speed (unit: miles per hour)

"MAXTEMPC": Predicting the highest temperature (degrees Celsius) "Maxtempf": Predicting the highest temperature (Fahrenheit) "MINTEMPC": Predicting the lowest temperature (degrees Celsius)

"Mintempf": Predicted minimum temperature (Fahrenheit) "Uvindex": UV Index

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iOS weather App Code Chinese introduction, iOS code

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