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1 Preface

I've always thought that GitHub is a must for programmers, programmers should not know that GitHub is right, I was in touch with GitHub also probably work for more than a year to start learning to use, I have a lot of readers are beginners, and there are many students in school, so will not use GitHub is not surprising.

2 What is GitHub

To be exact, GitHub is a company located in San Francisco, founded in April 2008 by Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett and Tom Preston-werner, three developers. This is its Logo:

April 10, 2008, GitHub officially established, Address:, mainly provides git-based version hosting services. Once on-line, it's development speed surprised for heaven and earth, until now,GitHub has developed into the world's largest open (same) source (sex) community.

3 GitHub's relationship with Git

This I also specifically in the group survey, many people think that GitHub is Git, in fact, this is an understanding misunderstanding.

Git is a free, open source distributed version control system developed by the famous Linux inventor Linus Torvalds. When it comes to versioning, it's estimated that many people have used SVN, but Git is the product of a new era, and if you're still using SVN to manage your code, it's a bit outdated. Whether you are learning GitHub or want to work in the programming industry later, GIT can be a must-have, so from now on you should learn to familiarize yourself with git, and later I will recommend some git learning materials for beginners.

GitHub says that it mainly offers git-based version hosting services. This means that all the project code hosted on GitHub is now versioned based on git, so git is just a tool for managing the project on GitHub, and GitHub can do much more than that!

4 GitHub's influence

I said that GitHub is undoubtedly the largest open source community in the world now, so you might think it's a bit pompous and listen to my one by one proof:

Top technology companies in the world join GitHub and contribute their own project code

    • Google:

    • Apple: Https://

    • Facebook:

    • Twitter:

    • Microsoft: Https://

    • Square:

    • Ali: Https://

    • ...

The world's top open source projects are preferred to open source on GitHub

    • Linux:

    • Rails:

    • Nodejs:

    • Swift:

    • Coffeescript:

    • Ruby:

    • ...

World's top programming Daniel joins GitHub

    • Linux inventor Linus Torvalds:

    • Rails founder Dhh:

    • Known as the god of "android" Jakewharton:, you use a lot of open source libraries such as Butterknife, OkHttp, Retrofit, Picasso, Viewpagerindicator and so on are his hands!

Others are not listed, the many active on GitHub is Google, Square, Ali and other company employees, some even Google Android team group, so here you can access to the world's top programming Daniel!

5 What is GitHub for?

    • Learn the best open source projects

The open source community has always had a popular phrase called "Don't reinvent the wheel", in a sense because of the contribution of the open source community, our software development can become more and more easy and faster. Imagine you are doing the project, if each module to write their own, such as network library, image loading library, ORM Library and so on, their own writing good is one thing, time and resources is a great cost. For large companies there may be manpower and resources to invent a set of wheels, but for most internet startups, time is everything. And your use of open source projects can also learn their excellent design ideas, the implementation of the way, this is the best learning materials, but also a great way to improve their ability!

    • Multi-person collaboration

If you want to launch a project, such as translating a good English document, you feel that a person's energy is not enough, so you need more people to participate in, this time GitHub is your best choice, interested people can participate in the use of spare time to contribute to the project, and then can each other review, merger, Not so great!

    • Build blogs, personal sites or company websites

This does not need to say more, now more and more blogs are based on the GitHub Pages to build, you can customize your own style, you can buy a blog to get a grid-high domain name, no longer have to endure the constraints of the major blog site and a variety of ads!

    • Writing

If you like writing, and based on Markdown, and are ready to publish books, then recommend you with Gitbook, technical Writer's favorite!

    • Personal Resume

If you have an active GitHub account with your own good open source project, and often ask other open source projects questions, push code, then your job search will be a very big advantage, now the recruitment of programmers a lot of companies are very fancy your GitHub account, a sense of GitHub You can count on your resume. And not only at home, many foreign technology companies will be using GitHub to find good people, such as I even received a Facebook invitation email from GitHub!

    • Other

Of course, GitHub can do far more than that, and I've seen a lot of interesting projects on GitHub, looking for boyfriends, and even using GitHub's commit-the-insane show to be affectionate, yes, that lunatic person is me, if you've been watching my github for a while ago. , you can see such a spectacular spectacle:

6 Join GitHub

After reading my article, from now on, immediately, immediately to register a github"", to experience some, do not use it does not matter!


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ios-What is GitHub? About its self-introduction "first knowledge of github"

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