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The project uses SVN more, so everyone is focused on how to use SVN on Xcode.

Configuring SVN is, of course, simple, but commits will default to the GIT submission window, otherwise it will be submitted to the repositories interface. At present, there is no better way to do two processing: 1. Remove the corresponding git-related items directory in repositories (see "-" in the lower left corner of the interface), 2. First close Xcode, then to the terminal interface, go to the appropriate directory, with RM-FR. git   command to delete git.3. Submission of external resources such as. A the default is to ignore and not commit the. A file, so it needs to be modified. VI ~/.subversion/config Find Global-ignores row, remove *.a, and then save the exit is OK. Attached: Generally new Xcode project, in the third step when you need to confirm whether to use local git, this time we do not tick this option is also possible. Re-open Xcode and we can experience submitting SVN directly. For example, ALT + COM + c, you can submit local changes to SVN. Original link:

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