IOS9 3DTouch, Shortcutitem, Peek and pop technology at a glance

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[Ios]ios9 3DTouch, Shortcutitem, Peek and pop technology at a glance  3DTouch API changes in the Uitouch classattributes added in iOS9


    • When the pen is parallel to the plane, the value is 0

    • When the pen is perpendicular to the plane, the value is PI/2


    • Touch characteristics estimated by the current touch object

    • The return value is Uitouchpropertyies


    • Touch features that the current touch object has updated

    • The return value is Uitouchpropertyies


    • When the touch characteristics of each touch object change, the value will be added separately

    • The return value is NSNumber

methods added in IOS9

- PreciseLocationInView:

    • Coordinates of the current touch object

- PrecisePreviousLocationInView:

    • The front coordinate of the current touch object

- azimuthAngleInview:

    • Azimuth angle along the x-axis forward direction

    • When the positive direction of the x-axis is the same, the value is 0

    • When the view parameter is nil, the default is Keywindow

- azimuthUnitVectorInView:

    • Unit vector in the direction of the current touch object

    • When the view parameter is nil, the default is Keywindow



    • Not sure if pressure sensing is supported
    • Cannot support pressure sensing
    • can support pressure sensing


    • Vertical Touch Type
    • Non-initial touch type
    • Level of touch type


Shortcutitem static mode
    • Open Info.plist File
    • Add item under the corresponding Uiapplicationshortcutitems keyword
Dynamic ModeModify a Shortcutitem of the current application
  //获取第0个shortcutItem    id oldItem = [existingShortcutItems objectAtIndex: 0];    //将旧的shortcutItem改变为可修改类型shortcutItem    id mutableItem = [oldItem mutableCopy];    //修改shortcutItem的显示标题    [mutableItem setLocalizedTitle: @“Click Lewis”];
gets the shortcutitems of the current application
  //获取当前应用程序对象    UIApplication *app = [UIApplication sharedApplication];    //获取一个应用程序对象的shortcutItem列表    id existingShortcutItems = [app shortcutItems];
Resets the shortcutitems of the current application
  //根据旧的shortcutItems生成可变shortcutItems数组    id updatedShortcutItems = [existingShortcutItems mutableCopy];    //修改可变shortcutItems数组中对应index下的元素为新的shortcutItem    [updatedShortcutItems replaceObjectAtIndex: 0 withObject: mutableItem];    //修改应用程序对象的shortcutItems为新的数组    [app setShortcutItems: updatedShortcutItems];
Create a new Uiapplicationshortcutitem
    • initialization function

      • - initWithType:localizedTitle:localizedSubtitle:icon:userInfo:
      • - initWithType:localizedTitle:
    • Property

      • localizedTitle:NSString

      • - localizedSubtitle:NSString

      • - type:NSString

      • - icon:UIApplicationShortcutIcon

      • - userInfo:NSDictionary

      • Only read-only features, if you want to make changes, need to go through the Mutablecopy method to change to
Create a new Item icon
    • initialization function

      • + iconWithType:

      • + iconWithTemplateImageName:

      • + iconWithContact:

When the program starts
    • Determines whether the Uiapplicationlaunchoptionsshortcutitemkey in the Launchoptions dictionary is empty
    • When not empty, the Application:didfinishlaunchwithoptions method returns FALSE, otherwise returns true
    • Handling Click events within the Application:performActionForShortcutItem:completionHandler method
Peek and Pop registering the preview feature's proxy object and source viewproxy objects need to accept the Uiviewcontrollerpreviewingdelegate protocol
  @interface RootVC<UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate>    {}    @end
Peek and Pop methods within a proxy object implementation protocol
@implementationROOTVC-(Uiviewcontroller *) Previewingcontext: (id<uiviewcontrollerpreviewing>) Context Viewcontrollerforlocation: (Cgpoint) Point {Uiviewcontroller *CHILDVC = [[Uiviewcontroller alloc] init]; Childvc. preferredcontentsize =Cgsizemake (0.0f,300F);CGRect rect =cgrectmake (10, Point.y-10, self.view.frame.size.width-20,20);        context.sourcerect = rect;        return CHILDVC;    }    -(void) Previewcontext: (id<< Span class= "hljs-built_in" >uiviewcontrollerpreviewing>) context Commitviewcontroller: ( uiviewcontroller*) VC    {       [ self showviewcontroller:vc sender:self];    }     @end          
Registration method declaration within the Uiviewcontroller class
[self registerForPreviewingWithDelegate:self sourceView:self.view];

IOS9 3DTouch, Shortcutitem, Peek and pop technology at a glance

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