IOSSDK New technology changes

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I started working with iOS since 2011, when I was using the SDK iOS4, and after years of effort by Apple engineers, I've now upgraded to ios9.3.2, and this blog post I'll talk about the new technologies that developers have created in these editions.

IOS5 was released in September 2011 with the following new technologies:

1. Support arc, add strong and weak attribute 2, support icloud, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, Glkit, Twitter and new game Center API3, support new push message

IOS6 was released in September 2012 with the following new technologies:

1, support AutoLayout Automatic Layout 2, IOS6 abandoned Google map, switch to their own map services 3, social network integration, increased Facebook, Sina Weibo 4, the new Passkit, You can use Passkit to generate and read some special format files like coupons, you can use Passkit for ticketing system and coupon system development 5, Game Center upgrade, from IOS4 started to introduce game center is not very good, iOS6 to do some upgrade 6 , reminders that Apple has developed APIs (Eventkit) and standard user interfaces (Eventkitui) for adding and reading to reminder, 7, Uicollectionview&uicollectionviewcontroller8, UIView supports nsattributedstring, especially Uitextview and Uitextfield

IOS7 was released in June 2013 with the following new features:

1, upgrade Autolayout2, the new UI design, including the status bar, Baritem button All text, the program opened added Animation 2, dynamic Uikit, a new Uidynamicitem commissioned to develop dynamic behavior for UIView 3, Sprite Kit Framework, using a hardware-accelerated animation system to represent the 2.5D Game 4, multi-task hardening, often need to download new content of the application can now be set Uibackgroundmodes to fetch to achieve background download content 5, AirDrop, Data can be sent by implementing the Uiactivityitemsource interface

IOSSDK New technology changes

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