IP address Troubleshooting When a computer cannot access another computer

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If the native cannot access the client, you can use a simple IP address to troubleshoot the error.

1. First enter ping127.0.0.1 in the DOS window, which is the diagnostic loopback address. If you get a successful ping return, you can assume that your IP stack is initialized.

If it fails, then your IP stack fails, and you need to reinstall the TCP/IP protocol on this host.

2. Ping the IP address of the local host in a DOS window. If successful, indicate that your network interface card (NIC) is normal. However, it does not indicate that the network cable is connected to the NIC, except that the IP address stack on the host can communicate with the NIC. If it fails, it indicates that there is a problem with the NIC card.

3. Ping the default gateway in the DOS window. Ping Normal indicates that the NIC is connected to the network and can communicate with the local network. If it fails, it indicates a problem with the local physical network. The problem may occur in any location between the NIC and the router.

4. If the above steps are successful, try pinging the remote server. If normal, the local host can drink IP traffic between the remote server. If the 1-4 steps are successful. However, users are still unable to communicate with the server, which may be a problem with some name resolution. Small series to remind you to check the domain name server (DNS) settings.

The last thing you want to note is that if you ping a remote server, it may be a problem with a remote physical network. You need to go to the server. Repeat the steps above to find out where the problem is.

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