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With the rapid development of mobile interconnection business, people's thirst for mobile office has increased. In the face of increasingly popular mobile office trends, the author also in the recent beginning of the ipad, with the iOS version of WPS Office software, can be achieved anytime and anywhere to play PPT documents, reading PDF materials, and can be shared documents to work partners, bringing a superior office experience.

Below, follow the author together to experience the iOS version of WPS Office to bring the fun of mobile office!

Supports all animations and sounds

When you open a PPT document in WPS Office, the left side of the screen shows each slide in the PPT, the right side is the current page display, and the page content can be displayed by sliding the screen up and down. If you click the Play icon in the upper-right corner of the interface, it switches to full screen playback mode, and when you click the screen when you play, WPS office automatically switches the slide page.

With the ipad experience, the iOS version of Wpsoffice not only can quickly switch slides while playing ppt, but also the perfect compatibility of PPT animation effects, For example, when you play PPT, you support. gif animation effects and hyperlinks to enhance the compatibility of WMF and EMF pictures, and in the PPT process also supports inline voice, so that the PPT presentation effect more intuitive.

To make the PowerPoint presentation more free, the iOS version wpsoffice adds a shared playback feature that allows you to connect to other iOS devices to achieve a PPT synchronization demo. Click the "Share" icon in the upper-left corner of the WPS Office main interface, select "Share Playback", open the PPT document that you want to share playback, click the first button in the upper right corner to start, and the bottom left corner of the interface will display the access code.

For shared playback with other iOS devices, just make sure the iOS devices are on the same WiFi network, then run the WPS Office software, then select Access sharing on the "Share" menu and click the "Access" button after entering the access code provided by the host.

Found in the ipad experience, whether local playback or shared playback, iOS version wpsoffice in the PPT document format compatible, animation playback effect, content display accuracy and so on has brought a better PPT playback experience, such as iOS version Wpsoffice support Retina screen, This undoubtedly enhances the ipad's display accuracy in PPT playback, making the PPT demo experience better.

PDF document Reading

In addition to supporting PowerPoint presentations, the iOS version of WPS Office also has new documents for opening and viewing PDF formats. In the ipad's actual experience, the use of WPS Office to open the local storage or cloud storage in the PDF document, load quickly, smooth page transitions, touch experience is excellent, bring a better reading experience, anywhere to enjoy the fun of reading.

itunes import file

iOS version of WPS Office is currently the latest version of 1.1.2, the new version has added a lot of features, simply login to the App Store to download and install use. But before you use it, you need to import the data into the ipad. Currently, iOS version WPS Office supports the playback and reading of PPT and PDF documents.

Connect the ipad to the computer, run the itunes application, select the ipad in the Devices list, click the app at the top of the screen, and find "WPS Office" in the list of programs on the left, clicking the Add button and selecting the document you want to add. After confirmation, you can upload the PPT document to the ipad.

Jinshan Quick Disk Import file

iOS version of WPS Office support Jinshan Fast disk, googledrive, DropBox, network Disk box, etc. online storage, if the ipad convenient access to the Internet, you can also upload the document to the network, and then in the ipad online reading play, to Jinshan fast disk as an example, on the computer after the Golden Hill fast disk, Click the "Upload" button and the document you want to upload will be automatically uploaded by dragging it to the window.

Easy and Fast file reading

As a mobile office software on an iOS platform, Wpsoffice supports the opening and playback of the pptx. Pot potx pps. DPS. DPT file format, while also supporting local playback and shared playback. To demonstrate a PPT document on the ipad, just after the WPS demo icon is executed, the software main screen displays the most recently read document preview.

Click on the "document" icon in the upper-left corner of the WPS Office interface, and then automatically switch to My Documents, where the file list will display all the WPS documents previously uploaded in itunes, just click to view and play.

If the WPS document exists in the network disk, can also switch to the relevant network disk directly read, for example, click to "Jinshan Network Disk", enter the account number and password after login, you can see all the data in Jinshan network, this time directly open can be played.

Experience Summary: After the initial experience of WPS Office on the ipad, you can feel whether in the PPT playback fluency, animation effect compatibility, as well as the screen display accuracy and so on, and PPT sharing playback is to make users more handy. In addition PDF and TXT document support also facilitates the user to read, looks forward to the future more versatile appearance.

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