IPhone 5S soaked in water, no boot, after-sales detection, the motherboard is broken, how much is the motherboard repaired?

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Undertake nationwide mobile phone repair (water board CPU Hot, large current, brush machine error, change font, motherboard bending repair)
Undertake nationwide mobile phone repair (water board CPU Hot, large current, brush machine error, change font, motherboard bending repair)

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The following lists the problems that iPhone 4 often encounters during iPhone 4 Maintenance:
1. Changing the screen iPhone screen for tempered glass is relatively brittle, please be careful when your ip4 drops to the ground, especially in winter
IPhone 4 LCD touch is integrated and inseparable. If there is any small damage, you must change the full screen.
2. There is no sound fault when I call the iPhone 4 for repair. Most of the problems are caused by the failure. The fault is: when I do not call, all sounds are normal, and when I call, all sounds are lost. Cause: the audio chip on the iPhone 4 motherboard is damaged. This chip provides sound channels for telephone sound, and is made of glass, therefore, if the phone call is not audible due to a crash, 100 is the chip.
3. Repair iPhone water dispenser. The iPhone battery is a built-in battery. If the battery enters the water, the battery cannot be removed, and the motherboard will always be powered. It is easy to burn out the motherboard components. Never be lucky to use them in the sun or in a hair dryer, that's wrong. Because the main board is always powered, it is possible that a part of the water may have been soaked in the drying method, and the water is blown to another place or the temperature is too high, the water becomes water vapor, there will be water in all the phones. Solution: if you are a customer with strong hands-on ability, you can promptly split the back cover and remove the battery. Drying should be okay. If there is no tool but it cannot be split, we should hurry to find repair. If so, we should just clean it up. Possible faults: three faults (no serial number, signal, WiFi), no boot, automatic shutdown, no computer connection, no wifi, no sound, and other faults.
4. iPhone 4 screen light failure phenomenon: In the light is strong, you can see the screen is displayed, call can be, but the screen light is very dark or not bright. Cause: LCD lights are powered in series, and the motherboard supplies 18 V for screen lights, which is the highest voltage on the motherboard, if the motherboard is slightly wet, the working environment humidity is high, or there is static electricity, it may cause the screen lamp boost chip to burn out, resulting in the screen lamp is not on. Solution: Change the screen lamp to boost the chip
5. Why iPhone 4 is not started: water enters, water falls, and static electricity. Resolution: The fault caused by water inflow is generally caused by a small amount of water, the host is not aware of it, from the End Plug (charging port) into the water, resulting in a greater probability of no boot. A broken mobile phone may have been used quite well at the time. After a few days, it will not start up. This is a manifestation of sequelae ,,. Static electricity is the most common cause of non-boot. The iPhone motherboard comes with a short-circuit protection function. If there is static electricity, the iPhone will automatically shut down. You need to plug in the power source or press the power key home together for 15 seconds to start up. In the first two cases, if the power plug-in cannot be started, it can only be sent for repair detection.
6. iPhone 4 often prompts (not ipone special accessories) or (with audio interference, You need to enable the flight mode) that is generally caused by water inflow. Some of them can be removed and cleaned up. Some of them are motherboard problems and need to be repaired.
7. The iPhone 4 handset sometimes does not exist. Fault description: it is better to press the receiver when the receiver is not available. Sometimes the sound is intermittent and sometimes the noise is high. This problem is generally caused by a crash or accidental pressure, resulting in a small deformation of the mobile phone, and the motherboard chip caused by welding or chip cracks, the need to re-build the audio chip.
8. iPhone inlet screen light can be on but not displayed for repair
9. Weak iphone4 signal, no service repair
10. iPhone flash machine error unknown error 2 6 8 9 13 14 19 20 21 23 28 29 34 35 36 37 40 50 54 1002 1004 1011 1013 1015 1016 1479 1600 1602 1601 1603 1604 1618 1631 1638 2001 2002 2005 2006 2009 3000 3002 3004 3013 3014 3018 3164 3194 and other repairs
11. Other repairs
Alicloud smart energy technology service center has been committed to serving as the best apple service provider in Beijing, China since its establishment. We are mainly committed to the hardware chip-level maintenance and software technical support of Apple's full range of products. All hardware engineers are from Apple's odm r & D foundry manufacturing plant in mainland China, proficient in the hardware architecture and power-on sequence of Apple's various models of machines. Therefore, we can analyze the logic lines of faulty machine boards based on the principles and fault phenomena of Electronic lines, find out the really problematic electronic device and replace one. -Your satisfaction is always our pursuit.
IPhone Repair:
IPhone LCD screen replacement, iPhone water treatment, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone no wifi, no Bluetooth, iPhone no signal, iPhone dead,
The iPhone cannot be turned on, the Home key does not respond, the headset does not sound, the mute key does not work, the rear shell is changed, the battery is not charged, the computer is not connected, the SIM card is not read,
Flash machine errors and other errors to repair various difficult and miscellaneous repair. The company solemnly promises that all iPhone Repair accessories are genuine original accessories, fake one to compensate ten; Beijing iPhone after-sales service center, your best choice for iPhone Repair.

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