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Apple provides the iTunes tool for us to operate the content on iOS devices, such as installing apps, synchronizing photos and music. However, it is difficult and inconvenient to use iTunes. Third-party tools such as itools are commonly used. However, for iOS app developers, we often need to release the ADHOC version. These versions can only be installed on specified devices, which is different from the applications published through the appstore, sometimes iTunes/itools cannot be installed.

The iPhone Configuration Utility is also a simple device management tool officially launched by Apple. It is mainly used to manage Device Applications and provision profiles, I personally feel that this software is the most stable and can be installed on applications without permission issues. I have never encountered any problems that cannot be installed.

There are two utility tools for iPhone configuration: Mac and windows:

The Mac version works very well in OS x10.8, and the installation of the application in 10.9 will crash. Fortunately, Apple has launched a more powerful apple aggregator tool, this tool can be used to install software in batches at the device vendors connected to Mac machines.

The Windows version runs well and can be downloaded here.

The following describes how to use the software. In fact, the use of the software is quite simple:

This is the icon of the tool installed in Windows:

After double-clicking, the main interface is displayed, as shown in:

This section describes how to use the database and how to manage the final application and provision profile.

Device management in the database stores information about all connected devices:

Here we can see all the devices and the device's udid information.

Applications in the database will display all applications in the database:

If you need to add an application, you can use the Add icon in the upper left corner or drag the application into the software directly.

After the application is ready, you can install or delete the application at any time. You only need to switch the software to the device column and select the corresponding device.

The same is true for managing provision profiles.

Although Apple's tool is publicly released, the main object of use should be developers, so there is not much design for the UI. The overall UI can be said to be rough, however, the function is stable, and this is what we need.

IPhone Configuration Utility

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