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A password is something that makes us feel secure in our account. The password is very important to us. For a secure password, must be long, but the use of the same password is certainly not safe, but these long and difficult to remember the password will make us feel difficult to remember.

In the PC and Mac browser generally have the ability to remember the password automatically, but on the mobile device is not so lucky, you need to enter their own password every time you login, it will cause trouble to us, how to manage our password? Next I will recommend a good password management software on the iOS platform.


Developed by Charles, Ckey is an easy-to- use password management software that easily manages passwords for you, and also backs up and restores passwords so you don't lose them. Support multi-language, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. The software uses a classified storage method to make it easy to find. All passwords are stored locally and encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption for absolute security. Compared with 1Password, the interface is similar, but it is a free software, 1Password is charged. Often forget the password of the pro, download it quickly, download: directly in the AppStore inside search ckey on it.

iphone Password management software recommendations

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