Iphone5s motherboard short circuit water moldy corrosion burning chip repair How Much Money iphone5c motherboard short circuit water moldy corrosion burning chip repair does not show how much money

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Beijing feiwei Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in iPad, MacBook, MacBook-Pro, MacBook-air, iBook, PowerBook, G4, G5, Mac-mini iMac all-in-one, EMAC iPod Touch player iPhone mobile phone and other professional integrated service companies. With first-class maintenance technology, leading IT outsourcing service professional maintenance experience and good customer reputation, now, it has become one of the well-known service providers for laptop maintenance, IT services, and Apple maintenance in Zhongguancun, Beijing and surrounding cities. It has become a close partner for many notebook users and many Apple users. Provide them with powerful hardware and software support.

The company integrates Consulting, testing, maintenance, and maintenance, featuring high-speed, high-quality, professional, and diversified technical support. On the basis of extensive practice, we have accumulated a wealth of maintenance experience. The company has a group of professional maintenance technical personnel, advanced detection and maintenance equipment, for the majority of customers to greatly shorten the maintenance cycle, reduce the maintenance costs, has won the trust of the majority of users.

I. iPhone fault repair acceptance type: 1: iPhone Repair motherboard fault: boot black screen, boot power loss, computer motherboard water, boot screen white screen blue screen, boot machine abnormal sound, boot point not

Bright wait 2: iPhone Repair screen fault: split screen, flash screen, screen, dark screen, red screen, etc. 3: iPhone Repair keyboard fault: No words can be typed on the keyboard, incorrect characters entered on the keyboard, machine inlet. 4: no sound for iPhone service headphones, no computer connection, no USB charging, etc! 5: iPhone repair machines do not recognize iTunes, automatic switch, short battery time, etc. 6: iPhone Repair hard drive failure, Hard Drive cannot be installed into the system, hard drive has bad sectors, machine cannot recognize hard drive, etc. 7: iPhone sound card speaker repair failure: speaker sound, speaker noise, no external sound, etc.


The overall screen needs to be changed for iPhone ihone in the following situations:

1. The appearance of the screen is damaged due to strong vibration or extrusion; liquid leakage of the LCD screen; local or all failures of the touch screen. 2. If your iPhone is damaged or cannot be repaired, You need to replace the following: the iPhone is subject to intense vibration, water loading, excessive charging, And the motherboard's key chips are aging. 3. the faulty features of the iPhone are as follows: The phone has no signal, no WIFI or Bluetooth, and cannot enter the system. If you unplug the charger, the phone will be shut down. 4. The audio module may need to be replaced when the iPhone is in the following situations: the headset does not sound and the single channel; the switch on or off the phone fails and there is no vibration. 5. In the following cases, you may need to change the tail plug-in cable: Unable to charge, unable to connect to the computer, and the home button of the mobile phone fails. 6. If the iPhone phone is silent or unclear, you may need to change the phone 7. If the iPhone phone is below, you may need to change the phone line: The phone is silent; unclear; the screen cannot be automatically closed when a call is made. 8. The battery may need to be replaced when the iPhone is in the following situations: the phone enters the water, the phone enters the water, or the standby time is short. 9. If the network signal of the Apple mobile phone or Wi-Fi network is unstable, you may need to change the antenna. 10. When there is no sound on the phone, or the sound suddenly becomes smaller, it may be necessary to change the speaker. 11. When an Apple phone calls an iPhone, the other party may not hear the iPhone or the phone sounds very small, it may need to change the microphone. 12. The camera may need to be changed when the camera is unclear, blurred or undisplayed on the Apple mobile phone. 13. When Apple is damaged by external force, you need to change the Home button. Key to switch. 14. Access Telephone: the other party cannot hear or hear the other party's voice for repair; 15. Power key, Home key failure, and headset mono repair; 6. No WiFi function and no signal on the mobile phone, abnormal text message service sending and receiving; 16. Broken screen, display screen repair 8. touch does not reflect, touch on (lower) Half failure repair 17, the battery is not charged, change the original battery or tail plug repair 10: standby later did not reflect the power, calls cannot change to wake up mobile phone repair. 18. original high-quality apple accessories Apple products of various models original shell, Apple keyboard, Apple accessories, Apple original LCD screen to a very rare Apple motherboard, all-in-one solution, no need to run around! 19. The test is free of charge. After finding out the real problem, the customer will make a quotation based on the chip replacement cost. After the Customer agrees, the customer will start to repair the problem. If the problem is not solved, no fee is required, it can provide you with considerate and professional services with peace of mind! We look forward to your sincere cooperation! 20. If you and your friend apple are broken, you don't need to change at a high price: screen, hard disk, motherboard, battery, and other accessories. You don't have to worry about Apple's high maintenance costs, we will provide you with professional and inexpensive service.


(Please contact our Customer by phone or add qq) service engineer Tel: 158 1107 9003 repair landline: 010-8219-4647 engineer name: Luo Fei online QQ: 2814-5-3219 working hours: 09.00-18.00 (Saturday and Sunday)

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Tel: 158 1107 9003 repair landline: 010-8219-4647 Service Engineer: Luo Fei contact QQ: 2814-5-3219 address: room 312, building 4, dahezhuangyuan, no. 3 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Haidian District, Zhongguancun: 26, 302, 374, 394, 528, 944, express 109, express 110, express 114, express 118, get off at the Beijing Earthquake Administration and take the 50-meter route to the West (3 above the sofa floor) layer ). Exit C of Suzhou Street Station of Metro Line 10 is 500 metres north (upstairs of Luxi dahezhuangyuan, along the way: Changyuan Tiandi building, the oriental famous scissors No. 8 Middle School, the fashion court hotel)

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