is C # and. Net a thing? The difference and connection between C # and. Net

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is C # and. Net a thing? Of course not, and see the difference between C # and. Net

Introduction to C # and. Netframewoek:
C # is an object-oriented approach by Microsoft, which blocks functionality in the program, and each module is isolated and provides specific functionality. High-level programming language above the NETFramework. He has a lot in common with Java (such as single inheritance, interfaces, almost the same syntax as Java and compiled into intermediate languages in the process of running), but he differs significantly from Java, which is directly integrated with COM (Component Object model).
The. NET framework is the new managed code programming model for Windows. Its powerful capabilities combine with new technologies to build applications with visually compelling user experiences, seamless communication across technology boundaries, and support for a wide range of business processes.
A simple one. NET Framework

Courseware. NET's common language runtime consists of a library of base class libraries and compiled code
C # links to. NET:
The importance of C # is reflected in the following two areas:
It is designed specifically for use with the Microsoft. NET Framework. (The. NET framework is a very rich platform to develop, deploy, and execute distributed applications).
It is a language based on modern object-oriented design methods, and Microsoft also draws on other similar language experiences that have been developed since the object-oriented rules have been widely applied in the last 20 years.
There is an important question to understand: C # is only a language in itself, although it is used to generate orientation. The code of the net environment, but it is not itself. NET part of the. NET supports some of the features that C # does not support. While the C # language supports other features,. NET is not supported (such as operator overloading)!

However, because the C # language is and. NET, so it is important to understand the framework if you are using C # to efficiently develop applications.

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